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  • Nah, it will be midnight already. I went to school, came back home, had a makeshift party with family, and then BMGF all-day. I had no extra lessons and homework, so cool!
    No problem, I understand. It is annoying, I have missed some too.
    Nevermind, I'm so stupid. I was hiding user customization the whole time. *facepalm*
    Ohhh I guess when you customize profiles, only you can see the change. :O 'Cause it shows your profile as the default one.
    Oh haha I just clicked on "Customize My Profile" and took it from there. :) Just wondering though, can you see my profile design?

    AHH that's so awesome. I'm getting one all the way in June, but as long as I'm getting one I'm fine ahaha. asdfjkdhs definitely excited for GRENINJA haha and Charizard of course. The Wii trainer also seems like an interesting character. As for Mario Kart, I still have to check the new characters :O what about you?
    That's understandable. New York seems like a wonderful place. I want to visit some day.
    I'm doing pretty well. Tired and fed up with schoolwork, but I'm almost done with this schoolyear so hopefully I can plow through to the end.

    How are you doing?
    He is! Are you excited for Super Smash Bros & Mario Kart for WiiU? I really wish I had one though. *cries*
    ah haha that's alright. is there anyone else besides me who designed their profiles? :O
    Hello! Nice to meet you! Thanks a lot haha. I love your avatar. Yoshi is awesome
    Haha it was just a wikipedia page. Basically if a coin flips heads 9 times it's still a 50% chance of it being either heads or tails the 10th time regardless of what happened earlier, it's a common fallacy and it's good to be aware of it. ^^
    Yeah, it quite often seems to be the team that takes the early lead goes on to lose, which may work in your favour, the uppers came back from the brink last time, it just needs a few more downers to turn the tide.
    Thanks, no probs :)

    Yeah, this version of up or down war's pretty civilized as well, the first 2 versions had no ping pong rule and were a ninja nightmare :D
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