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Recent content by fawfulmark2

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    Characters you Hope Debut in Generations

    Silver Confirmed, this is a great day. here's hoping Wally is next.
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    Do you have any Pokemon Anime headcanons?

    Sammy Oak once had an adventure of his own after meeting Ash, and traveled with Agatha and Kurt when they were kids.
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    Review PG05: The Legacy

    When one of your favorite characters from the games finally gets animated and presented in the way you always imagined it
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    Review PG02: The Chase

    SWAT teams in Pokemon: never thought I'd see the day, and the day it happened was strangely hype.
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    Review PG01: The Adventure

    at least 2 years ago when Ken redesigned him. ever since then that design has been sen on stuff such as VGC logos and concerts ever since So yeah, not really new.
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    Review PG01: The Adventure

    .....it's based on the current design used in promotional art. don't know where you are getting the "new" part from.
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    Suppose they did a Pokemon Anime Character Origins Series?

    Awhile ago, I propsed an idea of what it would be like if they did a spinoff focusing on a young Professor Oak when he traveled around with Agatha and Kurt. http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f228/hypothetical-idea-professor-oak-special-164216/ I still think it would be kinda neat, and Fairy Tail did...
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    Greninja or Mega: place your bets!

    Righto, so befor I go off to Alaska again for work, I got news that Froakie is a Frogadier now.... It seems one of my 2 hopes is happening!
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    Team Rocket related post from the series' sound director

    so, teasing for another "grand evil plan" scheme again, ergo stealing the thunder from the region villains(Flare)...again. sigh, with all this hype they always give them, it surprises me that they never introduced the Red-haired kid by now.
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    Greninja or Mega: place your bets!

    In this series we have reached an interesting turn point: Ash has the potential to get either: -a Mega stone, since at least 3 of his strongest pokes use them ( also because of new games and the stupid high popularity of MEGA Charizard Or -getting a Greninja, possibly the most popular of all...
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    Preview M18: The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa

    re: Movie 18 Not gonna lie, if it's an Origins-esque special I will be on it like a fat man on chips. But yeah, I do see either the Eon MEGAs or the Nidhogg as main focus, if only because Ground on already had a hugerole as the wish demon in the Jirachi film.
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    Did you LIKE or HATE Iris?

    Iris was part of the reason why I dropped the BW series halfway, even pissing me off to make this pic Iris was made solely to fill the misty void,but didn't do a good job of it. She, just like Trip, was a character that the writers tried too hard to make look more powerful then they actually...
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    A More Mature Pokemon Anime

    Depends. Pokemon is at it's core, always and will be, a series for all ages. Despite this, I do agree some change would be recommended. In this post Adventure Time world more sophisticated storylines would be a huge boon, and even the games have done so with characters like the antiheroes N and...
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    AZ and the Ultimate WEAPON: how will the anime do it?

    As shown by the Mega Evolution special, Lysandre is coming to the anime at on point, and with him, AZ and the weapon are not to far behind. But first, THESE ARE SOME KINDA MAJOR SPOILERS HERE FOR X AND Y SO IF YOU DON'T WANNA READ ANYTHING GT OUT OF HERE NOW...