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  1. Faye Scarlet

    They really need to make the GTS smarter

    I would LOVE THIS OPTION. Sometimes after long bouts of Wonder Trading, I have some cool Pokemon but none of them nicknamed, which makes them worthless to me. I'd gladly give them away if I knew someone on the GTS wanted it. :V
  2. Faye Scarlet

    Post your trainer pics!

    While I was severely disappointed in the lack of clothing options for the boy character (honestly, it's insulting and sexist at this point), being able to go sleeveless made up for it a little. I really like my final look.
  3. Faye Scarlet

    How do you feel about the SOS mechanic?

    I really hate it. :V Mostly cuz it's annoying when I'm trying to catch a spare Pokemon for trading, and it decides to be difficult.
  4. Faye Scarlet

    Z-Moves: Do you even use them?

    It would be game-breaking, but it would be a fun way to mess around post-game.
  5. Faye Scarlet

    Your regular team in Sun and Moon

    I gave all my main team (sans Silvally) a Hawaiian word as a name. Ahi the Incineroar - Ahi means "fire". Tod the Silvally - got in a trade from the awesome Inlé. Manu the Skarmory - Manu means "bird". Maluhia the Minior - Maluhia means "laid-back". Akahai the Comfey - Akahai means "kindness"...
  6. Faye Scarlet

    Z-Moves: Do you even use them?

    Z-Moves are great, but I was turned off by how they're one use per battle. I wanted my whole party to be Z-Powered, but now I can't. :<
  7. Faye Scarlet

    GEN VII: Looking for Type: Null, nicknamed.

    Oh, that is perfect! I like that name. :D Very well then. 6PM EST is 2PM my time (Alaskan Time), so that gives me plenty of time to make and hatch the egg for you. I guess we can PM each other once we're ready! I should be home all day tomorrow unless something comes up, which it shouldn't.
  8. Faye Scarlet

    GEN VII: Looking for Type: Null, nicknamed.

    I've had no luck finding a Type Null on the GTS, so I'm turning to Bulbapedia because people here are reasonable. 8D; I really want a Type Null for my party, but was shocked to learn you earn one post-Championship, which won't do for me. So I'm hoping I can get one that is nicknamed. I do not...
  9. Faye Scarlet

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    Official art! Aw, they're so cute. I'm looking forward to learning more about Lillie and Hau as well.
  10. Faye Scarlet

    Microtransactions in Pokemon GO

    Miitomo coins are fairly priced IMO, so if we see things like that in Pokemon Go, I imagine it will be similar.
  11. Faye Scarlet

    Cheating In the Games (Controversial Topic!)

    I have no issues with cheating at all, seeing as I cheated a lot back in the day. :V Though I look on it with shame today, back then I used hacking solely to get nicknamed Pokemon from the GTS. It would be some random Pokemon caught on route 209 or the like, or outside of Opelucid City. The...
  12. Faye Scarlet

    Character customization

    Just more clothing options for the boy this time around, please, GF, for the love of god. That's all I ask. The boy player deserves more than a broom closet to select from.
  13. Faye Scarlet

    The Protagonists/Player Characters

    A friend linked me to the Japanese trailer, but this will be a good reference image to save, so thank you kindly! I like the wider range of skin colors compared to XY, as well. I might even go dark-skinned blonde again!
  14. Faye Scarlet

    Sun or Moon?

    I'm continuing a tradition and going with the second version, so Moon it is. The legendary looks badass, like some sort of magic disc bat.
  15. Faye Scarlet

    What DON'T you want to see in SM?

    I hope the boy customization won't be so insanely limited. Honestly, he deserves to have more than like 5 shirts and pants to choose from, total! Step it up, Game Freak.