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  • I know that feel lol. It's np, we can put the run on hold until things calm down a little for ya. Just let me know when you're ready to pick it back up.

    It's np, don't worry. And yeah, generally parts of a post that don't work w/ what a Ranger is planning will be overlooked, but tbh I don't like ignoring stuff people write, it can seem like a slap in the face if you're really trying but your effort gets ignored, you know?

    Hi Fengor! The Blast Chat is essentially an advanced chat on AIM or AOL Instant Messenger. If you have AIM, send me your name and I can invite you into the chat!
    It's alright, it is probably my fault for not adding you straight away. It is a difficult thing to keep going as you can't really update it easily and some of the people never get in contact with me over it :p Hopefully there will be more beta readers joining soon to get things going smoothly :)
    Hey there :) I was about to add your post looking for a beta reader to my list in the thread. Did oner of the beta readers from my list contact you or was it someone outside the thread?
    Whenever you get the chance, please do check the OOC thread for the RP. I need you to post your intended party for Kanto. Thanks :)
    No worries... I have school as well and that's most probably why the RP is moving slowly. Hopefully though we'll get through our first gym battles by the end of this week.
    No need to apologize! Happy birthday then and excuse my bad manners to try and rush you, I should have known better. Anyways, it's mainly because I want this RP to pick up pace as soon as possible, meaning that we have to go over this boring stuff as quick as possible hopefully, this week we'll actually get somewhere :)
    hi there.

    i thought we could try again right now with the trade.. shoot me a message when you're ready.
    It's Christjmas soon, and since I have to go places fo several days, I was planning on closing the RP anyway. If, when I get back, he hasn't posted, I'll kick the character and make my own for the hea dof FIreRed.
    So sorry about that I don't know why I've been having problems with character names lately.
    Hey Broseph! ^_^ Just a quick thing; they're in the main hall, which is used for meetings and assemblies, so there's just benches, no tables. Plus, in the cafetarea, there aren't specific tables for each house. It's just a free for all.

    You seem to be comparing this with Harry Potter a bit too much. xD
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