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  • Dang. The tidal wave of work is about to hit me again, too. I hardly did anything over winter break, but that's a good thing 'cause I was so swamped out of my mind. I determined to finally beat Wind Waker, which is a game that I've owned since I was six but never beat because I'm not very good at video games. I'm still not completely through with it, but I'm loving it. It almost gives me a sort of regret-like feeling to know that there's been a huge epic sitting in my GameCube collection for nearly as long as I can remember, and yet I never got further than maybe Windfall Island until I was, like, 12. (Speaking of Zelda, I'm hyped as all hell for Majora's Mask 3D! February 13th will be the day that $40 flies out of my pocket and into Miyamoto's hands, it looks so good!)

    It wasn't written for Keaton? That seems pretty uncanny. I don't really notice actor allusions too often because I just watch a movie and kinda forget everything outside of what's going on in the movie. It's also why I don't notice plot holes or stuff like that very much until someone points them out to me. I guess you could say I suspend my disbelief too highly.

    I didn't even know that Interstellar was a Nolan movie. That doesn't really make a difference since I don't have much of an opinion of Nolan anyway, but I do remember completely losing track of The Dark Knight and getting pretty sick of the "tense" "music" that was just a synthesizer going EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It sorta gives me the impression that Nolan can take himself too seriously. And hey, the trailers made Boyhood seem pretty generic, too, don't you think? It seems like more than any other two things in entertainment, the trailer and the film itself have the largest discrepancy. Curse trailers that make crappy movies look cool!
    Part dos

    I'm a sucker for non-linearity in video games. I usually can't stand non-linearity in movies because I feel like it's completely needless and only serves to confuse people so the people who did follow the plot can say that they're more intelligent than everyone else (*glares at Pulp Fiction*), but I usually end up having to back-track in all of my Pokemon games because I skipped a gym without realizing it and I love that. I'm pretty sure I did the same thing in Twilight Princess, too. Video games are an infinitely better medium than movies for that sort of thing because it really emphasizes the fact that video games are unique experiences every time without being confusing and douchey, unlike movies. I find it odd that you'd say the Gen III is especially so when I've been doing that my whole life anyway. :p oh u best know aight, u best know that u dont know wat its like 2 have dat 8 bit swagggg

    Don't come in summer, then, I'm surprised you didn't melt. Would you say the heat or the humidity was worse?

    I'm glad to hear that it hasn't been a horror story. I've been working on my college business at my trade-mark molasses speed. My laziness and procrastination have already bit me in the butt as it is, hopefully I won't be dealt a crummy hand once I actually have to leave the nest.

    I've heard about the “one long take” thing, people have been going gaga over that. Although, without any thematic justification, that sort of stylistic flair can start to become a little transparent, like it's the only reason to watch the movie and if it were edited normally then its lack of substance becomes obvious. That's actually a complaint I could see people making about Boyhood's production, speaking of style vs. substance, but like I said, there's plenty of substance to that movie. Still, I wonder what the point of Birdman's editing is. I'll find out for myself if I ever see it. All I know about Birdman other than that is that I find it funny how Michael Keaton is playing an actor who played a popular superhero and then washed up. I highly doubt I'm the first to make that joke.

    I went to go get a job application from my local theater yesterday and Interstellar was playing like a million times in a row. xD A couple of my friends have been gushing over that one, I should probably catch it with someone while it's still in theaters. Something about Whiplash is alluring to me, and I really don't even know what it is. I guess maybe it's because I'm curious to see how a movie about a jazz drummer at a music conservatory taught by J Jonah Jameson could be getting this critical hype around Oscar season. Nightcrawler is piquing my interest as well, since Jake Gyllenhaal is my man crush and its subject matter seems to lend itself to a degree of intelligence that I like in thrillers.
    Welcome to the end of the trilogy... PART 3 [cue a special extra-long version of the opening theme]

    I've only played the demo for those new ones. I'm still working my way up to the Elite Four in Y, and it's a few weeks from a year since I bought it. I've never played Gen III unless LeafGreen counts, either, so there's not a lot of nostalgia in it for me. gen 2 is teh only gen scrub fite me irl The only video game I'm really excited for right now is Alien: Isolation. I like how it tries to go for the more claustrophobic, cerebral horror of the first Alien film as opposed to everything that came after it. It looks sick. That's the extent of my video gaming horizons right now.

    Orlando this, Orlando that, you shoobies snow-birds tourists never give the Gulf Coast any love... I'm within walking distance of the only hot spring in the whole state! Come on!

    [cue credits with a sad ironic music-box rendition of the ending theme]
    Previously in our VMs, I was gushing over my Movie of the Year. Let's continue that. [cue opening theme]
    PART 2

    It isn't really until the end that the main theme of the film starts to sink in (I won't explain it further since I like watching movies with no expectations and I'm assuming you do, too), and of course it's the kind of self-referential, wishy-washy theme I'd expect from a movie that presents itself as little more than just sticking a camera in the kid's house(s) as he grows up, but due to the sheer magnitude of this movie's take on the growing-up story compared to other movies, I couldn't think of any better place to take that go-with-the-flow angle that could be seen as a cop-out by a lazy director who's pretending to be “deep” by saying something that nobody can prove or disprove. Hopefully you'll see what I mean when you see it, but fortunately, like I said, Boyhood doesn't give me that impression because it's so well-made. Your results may vary, though, since the path that the kid Mason's family takes over the course of the film reminded me of some milestones from my own childhood, and one particular scene that has “Soulja Boy” playing in the background really came out of the blue and made me jump a bit with how suddenly the scene shifted. You'll know what scene it is when you see it, my point is that I was probably more sympathetic to the film than a lot of other people might have been. An easy 9/10 from me, and that's a conservative rating. I haven't really seen any new movies this year, but I know people are gushing over Birdman and I have my eyes on Whiplash. When the Oscars roll around, though, I'm probably gonna be rooting for Boyhood. Man, I really liked it. You should see it, it's huge in scope without being pretentious or lazy and it's over-all a really great piece of film-making in general.

    Tune in for Part 3, which has nothing to do with the other two parts. [cue ending credits]
    Woot wooooooooot! How are you liking university? I still have time to panic and procrastinate, currently going through my last mid-terms and then winter break and all that.

    I still haven't seen Godzilla, but it's probably been out long enough to be on the net somewhere by now, especially considering that's how I saw the last movie I saw... Boyhood! It was really, really good. Of course, the fact that its production followed the same actors for twelve years is a really commendable feat considering all of the things that could have gone wrong (actors could have died, the kids might have turned out to be not-so-good actors, red tape might have been thrown up over the thing, it might have just fizzled out, etc., etc., etc.), but that alone isn't enough to make a good movie and fortunately it's more than a gimmick. You really feel like you're watching characters develop over the course of twelve years, and Richard Linklater did a fantastic job of picking the things that would be nostalgic to people younger than his generation (That “20Q” game! Those little Willow Tree wood-cut figures! Coldplay! Harry Potter!) and considering his reputation as a “hip”, young kind of director and his experience with filming people over long stretches of time with the Before romance trilogy, he was probably the best pick we could have asked for the job.

    Continued in Part 2... Jeez...
    Part 3 I'm sorry this is the last one I swear ;-;

    Speaking of Sonic, I can actually say now that I can play a game on the 2DS that's not Pokemon Y! I went out and got Sonic Rush, which isn't a 3DS game but thank goodness for backwards compatibility. I'm really enjoying it, too, plus it's the first game to feature a character I really like, named Blaze. :B Pokemon and Sonic, those were really the big franchises of my childhood that I remember the most fondly.

    Boyhood is probably the movie I want to see the most right now, so thanks for that. You give me Boyhood and I give you 7-Up, that sounds like a fair trade, eh? ;P

    You went during hurricane season? What a scrub! Oh, pfft, it rains pretty much the entire time in summer anyway. You should've come down here in winter like the rest of the shoobies tourists. Where did you go in Florida, anyway?
    Part 2wo

    (I feel the same way... When these people are still alive, you think they're going to live for ever. It makes me wonder what someone else's death date will be. I mean, I was reeling over Roger Ebert's death for quite a long time, and I'm not the kind of person who takes things like that personally.)

    People must not talk about it, because I don't know what it is. :p To the Googlemobile!
    ... A racing game? Seriously? That is probably the last genre I could see Pokemon doing, now that I think about it. That's just so bizarre to me that now I'm interested!

    Ah, dude, Sonic kicked ass when I was a kid. Super Mario 64 is a serious contender for my favorite video game of all time, and Mario Party is a blast, too, but other than that I always gravitated more toward Sonic as a kid. I've never owned a Sega console, but my aunt made me a CD-R with a bunch of old games on it when I was around 6 or 7, and the first few Sonic games were on there. Those were the ones I played the most on that disc. The level design is just brilliant in those games because it's conducive to speed, which of course is the main gimmick Sonic used to compete with Mario, and boy was it a gimmick that worked on kids like me. The feeling that I get when I do really good in a Sonic game and the camera can't even keep up with me is indescribable. Even beyond the games themselves, the characters are all so goofy and lovable that I'm automatically interested in anything that has them in it, even the stinkers like "Sonic '06". Hell, I owned Shadow the Hedgehog as a kid, and that's a terrible game, but I played it more than I probably would have if it weren't a Sonic game.
    (Oh, gosh, I'm the worst with TV shows. I haven't even finished the first season of Gravity Falls but I've already started the second season 'cause IT'S FINALLY HERE OMG, I haven't finished the fourth season of Friendship is Magic... I'm not the kind of person who could watch a whole season of a show just to get a feel for it. It's more like maybe three episodes at most with me. :p All my friends make jokes about Game of Thrones to the effect of, "Hey, this scene's getting dull, let's throw in a titty," because that's HBO for ya, but clearly it has to be doing something right if so many people are going nuts about it, especially on a subscription-based channel that I've never watched in my life like HBO.)

    Hmm. Well, humans were an integral part of Godzilla even in the beginning, when it took itself seriously. It's just when the series started getting silly that humans played less of a role (but they were still there, for better and for worse). I'm sure there's something to be said of a light-hearted Godzilla, but I honestly like the 1954 original the most, because it's actually a serious allegory (and the movie doesn't let you forget that... :p). I'm able to take it seriously, but that's just me. The reason I was so excited for this new one is that they were making it out to be a Godzilla movie that went back to its serious, dramatic roots, and I really think it's about time someone did that. Godzilla is the product of nuclear warfare, which was on people's minds a lot in 1954, but nowadays with globalization on the rise, there are even more things humans are capable of that could kill us all, and I think it would be really profound to have a kaiju for each of those; pollution, biological warfare, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, stuff like that. That's what Godzilla's about to me, so I was hoping this new one would be about that. Not sure if it delivered, though.
    I saw your post on the Obscure Ship Commiseration thread, and I thought I could help you name Alexa/Malva (it's not taken, apparently).

    I thought of "InfopublicitéShipping" (this means Infomercial in french. Given Kalos is basically France and both of them are journalists... What do you think ?)
    Part 2 (of many)

    I did, thank Jesus! And Pokemon is still the only game I have for it... :p I'm definitely going to buy an eShop card or whatever it is at some point, but so far I guess nothing has really sealed the deal for me. There are plenty of 3DS games that people are gushing over (Bravely Default, the new Fire Emblem, the new Zelda), but I guess none of them are quite up my alley. I've been keeping an eye on Sonic Boom, though, since I've been on a Sonic binge for a few weeks now and I'm getting antsy to see if it's going to be any good. I'll say no more unless it turns out you keep up with Sonic the Heggehog, too. :p

    I have seen zero movies this summer, which is a shame because it's the perfect excuse to hang out with friends, but... yeah, my summer's been pretty crummy. I had not heard of Boyhood until you brought it up, but holy crap the critics are going crazy for it. Reading the synopsis reminds me of the 7-Up documentary series, if you're familiar with that, but this isn't a documentary, so that makes it pretty interesting. Not to mention it follows a kid who starts 1st grade in 2002, so I'm about as old as this kid and I gravitate toward anything that can serve as a time capsule of that decade.

    Gurl, come down here and only then will you know "insufferable heat". >:I Or, wait, I feel like I remember you saying you've been down here before as a no-good snow-bird tourist, is that true? I might be making that up.
    (My summer has been really dull at best, and I'm not gonna bum you out further than that. I have a project for English over the summer that I've barely touched, but I'll magically finish it somehow. I should probably take this time to do college placement tests and stuff, but college is just as much of a mystery to me as it's always been. The usual. I haven't watched Game of Thrones but everyone's going crazy over it... am I going to regret asking you to explain the appeal to me? :p)

    I'm sure this summer is just as bluh as any summer season before it, we just don't remember the stinkers. Although now that I think about it, nothing really sticks out in my mind this summer, either, except for Godzilla. I still haven't seen that one, have you? Do you know if it lives up to #thehype?

    How do you people even live?! The Nintendo 64 is life! Pokemon Snap is one of those lame-looking spin-offs that's way more fun that it has any right to be. Everyone seems to have a couple of those in their childhoods, for me it was Snap and a couple of SpongeBob games for the GameCube that I have no shame in actually enjoying. xD Do you have any of those?

    I've decided to stop bothering with the character limit. Part 2 is on the way, but you've had plenty of time to get used to that from me. xD
    PART 2

    And I'm sitting here not being able to relate to what you're saying because my 2DS is still misplaced... if one good thing did come out of this, however, I did find my old Game Boy charger that I lost years ago that I was kicking myself over. Now if only I could find the 2DS, I would feel like even less of a moron. :I

    Thanks for that, 'cause I still haven't seen it. xD I haven't gone out to see a movie in a long time, actually. Maybe that'd be a good excuse to go out with my friends that I never do anything social with. :I I did go to see my school's rendition of Grease last week-end, though, that was fun.

    I've been camping plenty of times. I prefer to just go out into nature and walk around, though. The best part about going camping is when I can go into the woods and just fart around in nature for a while. Northern Florida actually has hills, can you believe it?! :O We don't have hills where I live. On a related note, before this trip, I was kinda unsure of whether I lived in "south" Florida or "central" Florida, but I definitely saw a correlation between the latitude and the amount of palm trees. It's settled, I live in south Florida. xD
    You've heard people say that? Seems like everyone except me says "CARS 2 SUCKS A DOLPHIN CHODE BECAUSE IT WASN'T WHAT I EXPECTED", but y'know, as completely bizarre as the foray into the spy genre was, it made the transition seamlessly. Granted, it didn't make for a very memorable spy movie, but... I think it could have been a lot worse. Like, in that uncanny valley where something tries really hard and just falls flat and makes you feel frankly unsure of what to think. And The Incredibles was just screaming for a sequel, I'm glad they're finally doing it.

    He's heavily influenced by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and was raised on Tom & Jerry, Ren & Stimpy, that sort of thing, so it's actually a little accurate to think of him as a mixture of snark and over-the-top freak-outs. He definitely has a little something of his own to him, though. And then I'm heavily influenced by him and I was raised on SpongeBob, and the circle of humor continues...

    And a Pokemon Snap remake, hello?!
    Part 2: Party Harder

    Eureka! We just cracked the code, bro: make a gigantic, self-sustaining fictional universe, put a whole bunch of junk in it, and then let other people do the rest! It's genius! :p I haven't seen The Lego Movie, but you can bet I want to pretty badly. When I first heard there was gonna be a Lego movie in theaters, I was skeptical, but then I learned that it had Morgan Freeman in it. And that just makes all the difference.

    So what are you doing over spring break, if you have it there or have it at another time than me or some other weird Canadian thing? I went up to the Florida Panhandle (crossed into Georgia for like five minutes, too) and camped out with my grandfolks, which entailed a lot of grilling things and gigantic carpenter bees that freaked me out.
    You know, I think ever since computer-generated movies became a thing, we've been in a sort of Golden Age. Of course, saying that something is in a Gilden Age right when it starts is a little brash since we have nothing else to compare it with, but it seems every year, Pixar and Dreamworks particularly churn out quality movie after quality movie. You'd expect every summer to be riddled with stinkers by now, but it's actually quite the opposite. Of course there are occasional disappointments, but I think we mostly pounce on below-average CG movies because our standards are so high. The Despicable Me films are cute, by the way, you should see them. :p

    Oh, I heard about that movie years ago. I think it might be in development hell. I think I might just see it when it comes out, it'll be a nostalgia trip for sure. By the way, I find it strange how I feel a sort of nostalgia for The Nostalgia Critic. xD I've been watching that guy for years now and I think he's actually influenced my personal sense of humor a lot. It's not complete nostalgia, but... I guess it's just that I find him reliable. If I'm just sitting around having a lazy day, chances are I'll watch a review of seven of his and giggle my ass off every time.

    I am so glad they decided to cool it with the Pokemon this generation. If Pokemon is gonna be around for a long time, it needs to ration the new designs, I think. And yet still no dolphin Pokemon?!?!?! That's bugged me for a long time.

    Oh my god, there are no trainer rematches?! Dude, that's way not radical! But, it is something to look forward to in the next generation, in the endless pursuit of perfection that allows Pokemon to have persisted for 17 years or whatever it is now.
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