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  • Part 2: Return of the Part

    Fennel's DS Lite... I did not know it well, but it seemed like a nice guy and clearly served Fennel well. I never met it personally, but it will be in my thoughts. *drops flowers*
    Yeah, it's weird when things like that get taken down, but it's also inevitable. When is the Pokemon series going to end, do you wonder? And how? I always envisioned some kind of massive (like, I'm talking Fallout 3 massive) third-person RPG with a simple but evocative story and orgasmic visuals, a Pokemon game to end all Pokemon games (literally). I mentioned plenty of times in my blog that I was excited over Gen VI for being really close to the perfect Pokemon game I'd imagined for years. Basically, I want the series to end in a 10-year-old's wet dream, if 10-year-olds could have wet dreams.

    There's something about the older games that I grew up with that give me this warm, fuzzy feeling. I don't even think it's just the game: the whole concept of the series is a winning formula because it left a lot of space for a person's own imagination to fill in, like I was saying about Star Wars. No doubt this is why Pokemon, Star Wars, and Lego were the biggest things in my childhood. :3
    A few? Or all of them? The only nominee for any of the awards that I saw was Despicable Me 2. xD

    I don't remember reading a whole lot of fiction when I was littler. I definitely read, I've always been good at reading, but I mostly read non-fiction at that time. Lots of books about dinosaurs and Jeff Corwin. Oh, but I just remembered an exception! I loved the Captain Underpants series, which of course led me to collect some other assorted works by "Dav" Pilkey, such as Dogzilla, Kat Kong, Super Diaper Baby... those books all had a self-awareness to them that I liked. And then I already told you about the time when I stole the novelization of Pokemon: The First Movie.

    Just seeing all of the Pokemon in their gorgeous 3D glory is enough for me. xD Jumping from LeafGreen to Y, there were about 80 billion Pokemon that I was unfamiliar with going into it. So at the same time as I'm taking in all of the Pokemon I've never used before (HOLY CRAP AN ABSOL!!!!11!!!11!11!), I'm pleased when I see my old friends from back in the day.
    Same here. I don't do anything over the week-end as it is!

    I did watch the Oscars. I, too, laughed when Twitter crashed, I wasn't expecting that to actually become the most re-Tweeted thing ever! I always feel kinda strange when I watch the Oscars, because I recognize all of the movies, despite not seeing them. Same this year, too; so many movies that we talked about were nominees and I just thought to myself, "So many movies I should have watched beforehand." I have that thought every year.

    Oh, it's a fantastic book, but that "feelings" scene in particular is something that could really fly over the heads of the "target demographic", I think. When the book first came out, a lot of people had the same idea and said that it was written too maturely for kids. You should read it again, it'll be a lot better than you remember, I think.

    Chatelaine... playing this game in a foreign language means that there are a lot of things I'm missing, including whatever that is. :p Plus, this is coupled with my resisting the urge to look things up so I can rely solely on what the game tells me. I should stick to my native language if I'm going to do that and get anything done, huh? I'll make a challenge out of anything, I guess.

    For once, we're on-line at a reasonable hour at the same time, but leave it to me to misplace my 2DS last week and still not know where it is. I'll do another scour through the house once I send this VM, I guess. This is really starting to bug me... keep a Celebi for me, the trial will probably be over by the time I find my 2DS.

    Whoa! Hey! You've never played a Johto game?! Those are the ones I grew up with, therefore they're the best! D: But seriously, not only are they huge improvements on the mechanics of Gen I, but you get to play through Kanto once you're done in Johto! Probably my favorite generation, but I'm no expert. :p

    holy crap I actually fit all of this into one VM I hope I don't run out of space while I'm typing this pa
    2 traP

    Psh, so what if a team is specifically designed to wreck yours? Take it as a challenge. And I've seen Multi Battles, but I think I'm more interested in what a couple of people on YouTube made up: they just schedule a Multi Battle and then it's a free-for-all. It's chaotic and unpredictable, and that's why it seems so fun. xD

    Oh, cool! I'm definitely going to keep Hold Back on my Celebi because I feel a sort of responsibility to preserve it so it doesn't become an "extinct" move (even if it's just False Swipe with a different name :I). However, the rest of its move set, as well as its ability, are pretty much designed around the concept of making sure your team never, ever keeps a status ailment for long, which is very useful, so I think I might take this Celebi as a challenge to see how I could work it into a team while still knowing False Swipe (sorry, Hold Back). I've said before that I like to make all of my Pokemon able to hold their own individually, but I think this Celebi is the workings of a really good support Pokemon (even better if it had U-Turn instead of Hold Back, but still).

    You've inspired me to open up the stream again and see what might be going on this time. It's basically just been the hive mind farting around in the Bag the whole time. I'm astonished that they even have any badges.
    Yeah, I was having the same problem. Just a little bit of that special weirdness that gives BMGf its... personality. :p

    Yeah, but then again, there wasn't a whole lot of heavy material on our minds before high school. Right now, we're basically just kids that have had a bunch of responsibility thrown at them in preparation for real life. I wonder if that's how all humans are at this age, or if it's just people in the First World because we know we're going to get thrust out into the world at 18?

    Yeah, I've looked into those. You're right, they are better than nothing, and it's probably the best I can do for a lot of the places I have my eyes on.

    I highly prefer watching movies alone, at least for the first time, if it's a movie I'm interested in. The movies I'm interested in don't usually make for a fun night on the town, they'd probably just depress anybody who went to see it with me. :p That's why I'm grateful for brainless summer block-busters (not really).

    That makes me wonder how Jonas's "feelings" are going to be handled... is this a British movie? e_o Also, I'm expecting them to take their cinematic cues from Pleasantville.
    And to Think I Thought I Wasn't Going to Split My VM Into Parts This Time, But Alas, Part 2

    Oh, shoot, that Celebi thing is going on right now?! brb getting on it *bolts*
    EDIT: Ohhhhhh, that's right, they're giving out Celebi to people who get PokeBank now that it's out. I forgot about that part. I still have nothing in my eShop balance, so either I'm gonna go do that this week-end, or mooch off of you. Keep a Celebi in the Bank for me, bro. *waves 5-dollar bill*
    EDIT2: ... The fee is taken out of your eShop balance, right?

    Good lord, last time we talked TwitchPlaysPokemon didn't even exist! I'm not really following it, but I don't really need to considering everyone around me is talking up a storm about it. I just kinda pick up on what's going on with them today. :p
    Aww, don't be like that. :c I think everybody's lazy when they're a teen-ager. I'm sure college is going to whip us both into shape. That's what it seems to do for a lot of people.

    Yeah, and I'm sure the majority, if not all, of the college visits my school is going to have will be on Saturdays (like the FGCU visit was, which I didn't end up going to for reasons I'm about to explain), which eliminates a lot of my possibilities because I'm out of town every week-end. That's my life, always moving about... I'm used to it, but it makes for a lot of explaining to do when I suddenly have to tell people, "Oh, wait, that's on Saturday, isn't it? In that case, I can't go."

    That sounds like such a Canadian thing to happen for some reason. I'm not about to try my luck with American theaters. I can't wait until I'm able to channel my inner Roger Ebert and watch anything I want. When I can scrape together the money and time, anyway. :p

    Hey, I'm looking forward to Godzilla! :mad: And OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I hope they don't screw up The Giver. Meryl Streep's probably going to be nominated for an Oscar, but I think that's an Oscar tradition at this point.

    You're absolutely right about needing to just go out there and suck at battling before you can get better, because since my last message I started battling a real-life friend of mine and you hit the nail right on the head. Now that I've actually battled another human being (it feels so good to finally say that after a decade of being a generation behind everyone else xD), it's given me a whole new perspective on where my team is competent and where it falters, and it's made me do some serious re-thinking. Also, as much as I said that I wasn't looking forward to switching out a lot, I did a lot of it. It comes with the territory, I guess, and I got used to it. Also also, Shedinja has proven to be just as fun as I hoped it would be. Who knew a shedded cicada skin could kick so much ass? :D
    Part 2: The Sequel

    Oh, it must be worse when they don't specify. e_e Fantasy has tons of winning formulas and it's one of the most engrossing kinds of literature there is (for most people), so there's not as much need to have a deeper meaning (I don't mean to sound so condescending right now, but... :p) so naturally that's what teen-agers are going to gravitate toward (as well as romance, *vomits in mouth*). I have no interest in being different just for the sake of being different, but... I hate romance and I suck at fantasy, so I have to do something else.

    I am not the guy to talk about competitive battling with, heheh. I've never fought real people before, so as much as I try to be creative when I'm hit with inspiration, my "strategy" usually consists of "hey, this attack gets STAB, I'll use that". I think the thing that really keeps me out of the loop is how much people switch out. I hate sacrificing a turn and letting my switch sit there spread-eagle so that my other guy wouldn't get creamed. I guess that could be called my "strategy", though: I try to make every Pokemon competent in its own right, which means no support Pokemon or "hazard-layers" or "Rapid Spinners". I'm gonna need to flesh out that strategy a bit more than that, though.
    Well, I can't settle on one name, so here are some suggestions: "Woof" (as in a subwoofer); "Vavoom" (character from a couple of Felix the Cat cartoons); "2 Chainz"; "Skrillex"; "Straight Pipes" (I quite like this one for its double-meaning, since it refers to Exploud being based on a pipe organ and also referring to obnoxious motorcyclists who take the mufflers out of their exhaust pipes. Maybe spell it "Str8 Pipez" for extra street cred).

    Oh, I wouldn't want to take up your time like that. If I want to breed something (and I'll probably have to if I want to do anything competitive), I'll do it myself. We aren't lost and I don't need directions.
    And I got somewhere in the 90-100 range on all of my mid-terms, because I couldn't take them home and then never finish them. I need to kick myself into shape somehow on this time-management thing before I head off to college.

    I'm starting to wonder if going to college on the other side of Florida is such an outlandish idea after all. I mean, no matter where you are in Florida state boundaries, you're within 100 miles from the water, so maybe going to college on the Atlantic coast while my family stays on the Gulf coast where I've grown up most of my life isn't that risky of a plan. The college that's expressed the most interest in me is located in St. Augustine, which is way up north and on the Atlantic coast, but that's just in terms of Florida.

    I'm not sure how it works in Canadaland, but down here you need someone with an adult ID to take you to an R-rated movie (think of it like a "17A") and you don't have one (*points to self*), so that eliminates a lot of the movies I'm interested in because 1) my mom is pretty conservative about movies, and 2) I doubt she'd enjoy the graphic and/or moody stuff anyway.

    I think the really interesting movies have yet to be announced. We need to wade through the summer movies before we get to Oscar season. In the mean time, do you see any good ones in the approaching storm cloud of summer movies? :p
    Art-pay Wo-tay (O-tway? Screw it)

    Yeah, if I can make a whole story out of an introduction, then I can save the rest of the story for later. xD Actually, that fits really well into my writing style, which as poofy and bloated as it is vocabulary-wise, is very simple plot-wise. "Deceptively simple", somebody who actually likes my future publications might say, in the future. I guess I take some of my cues from the slice-of-life scene. I don't think I ever told you what my story's about, did I? Mostly because I don't like sharing my ideas in general, but just to make a point... it's about a tree. The tree sits there and makes observations about its ecosystem. That's it. So now you should have an idea of what my style is like. xD

    My nick-names kinda just occur to me with no common theme or trend between them. When I know that I'm going to be using a Pokemon, I give it a more dignified name, but when I know I'm only ever going to use a Pokemon as a joke or something, that's when my true genius shines. For example, "your car key" the Klefki or "EGGcelent ;D" the Exeggcute. My Azumarill is named Portratteau (I won't even explain the thought process I had when I came up with that name) and my Mienfoo is named "Mink Jutsu", so while I can't really give you any sort of advice on naming an Azumarill, I remember juggling all kinds of ways to combine "mink" or "weasel" with the name of some martial art. "Minkarate", "Minxing", "Minkration", "Minkwondo"... As for Dragonite, "Puff" needs no explanation. Get a shiny male one and it'll be perfect.

    When the stars align and we get on at the same time, I'd be happy to let you take Sprinkles for a spin. How could we even schedule this? :p
    Internets. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, right? Fun fact; all of my assignment grades in English are either 100s or zeros.

    We're doing a tour of Florida Gulf Coast University soon, actually. FGCU is a fairly new school, and it's definitely one of the more liberal campuses around these parts (we like to refer to FGCU as "the place where they don't wear shoes half the time"). Not sure if I like that, but hey, I'm just looking for some place that offers a good film/writing course. Any opportunity to go on a tour is a good one for me, I think.

    Roger Ebert liked Where the Wild Things Are a lot (a lot more than even most other critics, if I'm correct), and he is basically my idol, so I'll probably see it at some point. I haven't gone to the movies with someone outside of family for a long time now, which is weird, because if I'm going to make an effort to socialize then going to the cinema seems right up my alley. Then again, I'm broke.

    I feel so guilty when I sit and wait for a movie to pop up on-line while it's still in theaters. >_>; Like, I actually saw a trailer for Nebraska on television for the first time the other day, but I've been looking for it on the Internet for a couple weeks now because it looks interesting to me. I feel like a free-loader or something. Oh, well, at the end of the day I'm all for free movies on-line (it gives the distributors the competition they need to stay in check with the DVD prices and such), so some day the feeling will just transfer to a new set of movies.
    Speaking of which... the summer movies are here. You ready for the Texas-size servings of CGI with actors thrown in? :p
    Parte Tres

    Were you in my English class yesterday? xD We were doing presentations about women who did neat stuff during our Civil War, and what you described is pretty much identical to what happened down here.

    Man, I don't have the patience for any of that breeding junk. If there's a point you have to reach in the game before you can trade with friends, I haven't gotten there yet, but anyway, I'm playing Y in French, so if you want to try out the Masuda method on something, I could get it for you. :B I like my Vivillon, too. It's kinda Seminole-looking. I named mine Sprinkles, after a butterfly that my brother and I played with one spring about ten years ago. It kinda lurked around our house, so we named it Sprinkles. Then it went off to make caterpillars and die and the next spring a new one came to visit, but we thought it was the same butterfly. We were convinced that the same butterfly was coming back year after year until finally one of us realized that butterflies don't live that long, so there were probably about six or seven butterflies that we referred to as "Sprinkles". I get the weirdest inspiration for my Pokemon's nick-names. xD Your Vivillon pattern is so stereotypical leik omg not kool. We should trade ours for each other so yours can get a little sun-shine and mine can see what it's like to have a trainer who knows what they're doing half the time. :I

    I might hit you up on that offer at some point. Is there some point in the game I have to reach before I can trade? I have no idea how this stuff works.
    Parte Dos

    Oh, hell yes. Requiem is just relentless. It grabs you and then pommels you into the dirt because the story never, ever gets better as it moves on, it just keeps going and getting worse. So in that respect, I guess you could use the word "depressing". I haven't seen either of those, and I really don't have much of an idea as to what they're about, either, but they seem pretty similar in subject matter and tone. Hopefully I'm wrong. My brother saw a little bit of American Hustle and he said it was really quiet and dramatic, but then it's getting all these awards in the comedy categories? I really don't know what to think of either of those movies.

    I like to plan as much of a story as I possibly can before-hand. But then, inevitably, my ideas change a lot over the years that I formulate them. I take two ideas that I didn't think were much on their own and combine them, stuff like that, and in the case of the short story I'm actually writing (albeit at the speed of a bamboo stalk), what was supposed to be the introduction has sorta evolved into the whole story. xD
    Take all the time you need, Fenny. School comes first. Sometimes it's hard for me to take my own advice, though... :p

    She doesn't like giving her credit card number to anyone. I don't blame her. Maybe once PokeBank drops for us anglophones, I can see what the payment method is. She's fine with PayPal, so hopefully it's either that or just taken out of my eShop balance.

    As far as I know, all we do here in the USA is send a generic application to all of our colleges of choice, and I assume that we kinda slant it so that we talk about our skills in the field we want to take a course in specifically. No reason to talk about how good of a cook I am if I want to take a course in film. Over the week-end, I'm supposed to sign up on the ACT/SAT Web site (I think I'm doing the ACT, it's too expensive to take both). The only college that's sent me actual, physical mail is Flagler, in St. Augustine. My preferred college at the moment (Ringling) hasn't expressed any interest in me. :S I really oughtta learn about these colleges and their application systems on a case-by-case basis. I'm just not sure what's best for me. Ringling specializes in the arts and it's close to where I live, so it just seems like the best balance of quality vs. distance to me. And if we move to Texas I'm going to have to rethink everything.

    I was thinking about that list of last year's films that I wanted to see, and I've become more and more intrigued by Her. Spike Jonze is definitely an odd-ball in the current Hollywood directing scene, and this latest project of his seems right up my alley. I'm also kinda interested in seeing Noah, for no other reason that it's Darren Aronofsky and it comes out on my birthday. I have no idea what to expect of Aronofsky taking on the Bible. o_o
    Ohhh, that sounds super good. I was almost beaten by an Aegislash with that combo once. The Battle Maison has trophies?

    At least, people like you and me who acknowledge how difficult making a film is, and that the film-makers are probably laughing at themselves, will be the ones laughing with them. Have you ever made a short film for a class or something? I have, it's a couple years old but I really like how it turned out. It has a tongue-in-cheek, we-know-this-is-dumb mood that allows me to still be proud of it today. xD I really need to find the CD I had it burned to...

    Oh, really? I never noticed. Well, in that case Natures are another thing for me to worry about. Thanks, pal. ;P Even when I didn't know what Natures did, I always thought it was neat for Pokemon to have little personalities. I'm really interested in the interpersonal things like that. Really increases the immersion.
    I never told you what starter I chose! Whoops! I chose Froakie and named him Chicken, then I got Bulbasaur from Prof. Sycamore and my mom named him Spud. There's a little custom page in my blog section called "Mon équipe Y" that I update every once in a while with the main team I'm currently rocking, although I spend way too much time training up the other Pogeys I've amassed. I caught a Nincada the other day and now I finally have a Shedinja! I love Shedinja. Also, I mentioned not yet encountering a shiny? Well, shiny Hoppip! Woot woot!

    Also, I just sent you a friend request thing on the 3DS. So next time you go to fish for Poliwags or whatever and you see a scruffy-lloking Mii named Blaize has sent you a friend request, that's me. My code is 3754-8057-2791
    PART 2

    I've never been much a fan of how the "psychological thriller" label has been used. To me, "thriller" implies that a story is meant to be visceral, emotional, and exciting, without anything really deep to say (remember how I was with The Hurt Locker? :p), but hey, maybe there are thrillers have really deep meanings to them. If there is, I haven't seen one that I'd classify as a "thriller". My favorite movie of all is one that gets the "psychological thriller" tag a lot, that being Donnie Darko, but that movie is so deep you need SCUBA gear, which is why I call it a "psychological drama" of sorts. It doesn't play off of fear enough to he "horror", the way I see it. However, Requiem for a Dream is all about fear, and it has a meaning, too; drugs are really, really bad. Using the audience's fear to get a message across is the most basic definition of horror I could give you, and so I call Requiem a horror movie.

    Now that's something I don't do to myself; add more stuff than I take out. :p How do you do it?
    Wow, PokeBank is more than I thought. O_O The PokeTransporter seems really useful (now that I think about it, I don't think there was a way to get Gen V Pokemon to Gen VI), but that fee, is it taken out of your "points" or whatever they're called that you use to buy stuff on the eShop? If so, I'd be alright with that since I could just buy enough cards to keep 5 bucks in my balance, but if it's some credit card mumbo-jumbo then it's not an option for me.

    Yeah, I wouldn't want to go through college pretending to be an athletic, rich Nobel Prize laureate or something. I'm still not sure exactly what I need to put in the application, so I'll just go look up some applications when I have the time and see what I'm dealing with.

    I've only seen a couple of clips from it, and from what I saw I thought it was a comedy, but then I looked it up and it was a historical drama or whatever it is. It kinda stands out as an odd selection on my "should probably see someday" list.
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