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  • (lol VM limit)

    I really tried to like Shooti at first. I was even prepared to ship him with Ash and everything. I tried not to let my previous standards on Paul affect the way I viewed him. But no matter what happened, his potential was so wasted...I don't expect him to be a better rival than Paul, but I would at least want him to pus the rivalry forward so it didn't seem so stagnant and one-sided for so long, you know? Yeah, as a character, in theory, he has a lot going for him (stalker persona, childhood hero issues, xenophobia...flaws that COULD be touched upon a bit more deeply every once in a while...) but his true potential is never brought to full fruition :(

    And yes, TipShipping is totally believable and a lot more interesting than KodakShipping at this point...you see, when you can't even ship the main character and the rival together, you know something's wrong!! ><
    I think we might! I browse through YT all the time and I'm subscribed to a lot of the big named poke-amv makers XD I've seen that! LOL, it was one of the first Cilan AMVs that was released. One of my favorite crack Cilan amvs was taken down though...it's by AshPikastar/ShigeruPikastar. She has a link to it in her profile on YT, it's called "It's Dento Time" (file's a bit big, but I found it worth it! X3)

    Don't worry, I love Pikashipping too, in a totally platonic, non-sexual way XD It's part of the reason why I wanted Pika to be a girl...I just thought it would be cute ;_; I may have seen that before, but didn't it get blocked? Dx I think that there is, actually! There was talk about it during Oshawott's introduction episode. It's called FollowerShipping (fitting).

    Aaahh...what if I told you...I'm CommanderPigg and I'm very very deeply flattered that you said that XD *wipes several tears from her eyes, trollin' in the deep* I was actually regretting making that Boyfriend AMV for the longest time because I thought that it was too...poppy and tasteless XD I'm glad that people seemed to have taken a liking to it though! Trying to get another vid out, but it's hard with my lack of motivation and time Dx

    Same here, I have a feeling that they could take turns :p Ash is definitely a bit more brash than Paul at times, so I could see him being the playful seme (that and, you know, he did beat him :p). I mainly see Ash as seme because Paul is obviously just putting up an act to hide his soft, tsundere, insides~
    OMG, I totally know what you mean, maid satoshi is like a staple in so many amvs now. This is still my favorite cafemochashipping AMV. I blame it for my obsession, haha.

    I think the only ship before that I was REALLY into was Rocketshipping...but the new anime didn't provide me with enough "hints," so I kinda gave up on it. I've noticed that after I was "enlightened," I opened up to more crack ships as well XD Haha, you're right about that! I think more people saw it as one-sided Ash in the earlier days because of that fact. But, you know, Paul's not exactly quiet about his infatuation either :p He also tries to act nice to Shooti...eh, but I'm going to ignore that. He just has a rival complex, very basic of most shounen main leads.

    I have! I'm subscribed to her, and that's one of my favorite videos (I also like the pikatheft/akatsukishipping one too, don't judge). any opinions on commanderpigg? >.>

    Good ^^ Now uke or seme? :p (Sorry, I don't get to ask these questions much since my contact with other comashippers are limited...)
    Thank you! XD Do you support the cause? (of tsundere shinji? :3)

    I followed a similar suit in that I didn't recognize it from the start...I think my eye opening moment was the tag battle for some reason. Just how much Paul seemed to be affected by Ash's actions in particular made me rethink their entire relationship. I also rewatched the series and noticed the hints, hahaha (No...it's not just in your mind. No regular person would stalk someone and catch more starly than him on the fly just to one-up him...nor would they creepily wait by the door for them to come out unless they felt SOMETHING, you know?) Yeah, I'm pretty sure Paul climbed his way to the top of my favorite characters list of all time. Cafemocha is my second fave too! Sometimes, I fall into these little battles in my as to which one I prefer (since cafemocha still has a story to complete), but Coma always wins. I don't think I've ever invested so much time in loving a ship.

    I LOVE respectshipping! I, too, feel like it's a bit too late, but you know...there's still material out there for it ^^; Have you seen XxShuukaraxX's videos? this one happens to be my favorite.
    Those ships seem to be part of a family, from what I've noticed. Just like the Poke/Contest/Wishfulshipping pattern you see all the time ^^;

    Don't get freaked out, but this was my avatar on Youtube for over a year (as well as my profile pic on these forums for a while)
    So as you might imagine, I was pleasantly amused at your avatar XD
    When/how did you get into coma?
    Y-You like comashipping, cafemocha AND cutesy Paul??

    *dies* I'm not alone T_T

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the forums! I like your posts ^^ and your tastes in shipping
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