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  • Hi Finn, could we trade friend codes please? I'd like a Lapras out of your's, mine isn't much but if you could help out that'd be great! :D
    Oh no I've been checking hourly to catch you aha. It seems like I have.

    I don't mind honestly! Send me either. :)
    Yaaaay~ Ekansssssssss >w< And no it's no problem. Ability capsule and done xD
    Oh btw, I have problems with my 3ds so I sent the staryu to Dolce, so trade with her please?

    Also espeon OwO You should be theespeontrainer :p
    Yoooo~ ^^)/ Got your staryu ready, when will you be able to trade? :eek: I'd love the moon ball ekans~
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