• ME proves that Cyrus and Cynthia are idiots. Watch here as Cynthia blocks him from entering a cave in retaliation.
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    We hope to see you roleplaying away soon!
  • The World Beyond Restructure is now finished! Check out the update here!
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  • Nice to see you back after a long time :p
    Haha thanks. I've still been browsing occasionally, but been a bit busy to post. :p
    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the like. Hope you got to use at least one of the codes I know I was late posting them on here. Thanks ^_^
    So I'll just tell you this, cuz you should know it...

    To quote someone without clicking on "Reply with quote", you can write
    and at the end, write it the same way, but put a / after the first square bracket.
    It looks like this
    To put a line over what you said, you do the same, but write and then at the end but with a [/ instead of [ in the beginning.
    (It looks like this )
    To make a spoiler tag, you do the same as the above but write
    Welcome. Well, if you need to know anything, you can always ask me (or the mods.)
    You didn't respond to my FR?
    Welcome to the forums! It appears you joined some time ago, but now you're actually starting to post more often.
    Just like me last year.
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