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  • After being a mod for so long seeing the same rules being broken over and over again (sometimes by the same people) would be frustrating to me.

    Lol I see him as being more mature, having watched more of the series, but the Gary MOFO Oak meme still gets me every time. xD

    Strangely enough, I do something similar to that as well. Tend to pair up the guys with more people than the girls. Idk why.
    You don't have to have a dick to be a dick. But she's never come across as dickish to me, just a little miffed when people break a rule.

    I have my "main" ships for characters, but I'm not against switching it up every now and then and seeing what would happen.
    Tracey belongs with Daisy (Handymanshipping ftw!) imho, as for Gary MOFO Oak...the main person I ship him with is Ash. Love him, but I don't ship him that much compared to other characters I like.
    (Yep. What made you think she wasn't? xD) Such as? Pokéshipping is my main one, but I'm open to others.

    Luna wouldn't be offended. Shipping that many ships, there's bound to be some that conflict with one another.
    Thinking it would be more suited for Luna then, since her ships number in the hundreds. xD

    Infuriating? Isn't that going a bit too far? There are ships that I don't support or care much for, but none to that point.
    Ikr? The question is how one would go about setting it up. Maybe a collage of all one's favorite ships in a banner and a link to Shippers Paradise?

    But yeah, that song pops into my head whenever I venture there. xD
    You could do a pun or something. (Except for Kakuna Matata, that's my gig. :p) Maybe having a Farfetch'd with a monocle and a mustache saying "I find that incredibly hard to believe my good chum."

    Another idea that comes to mind is Shippers Paradise twist on Amish Paradise.
    Nothing wrong with what you have, but if you need a banner I would highly recommend Kamex. Excellent work and quick service. Soulweaver opened up a shop recently and his work looks pretty top notch too, so I'm requesting an avy there. Blaziking EX has amazing stuff as well, but you'll have a tough time getting in there since his work is in high demand.
    Well, about your sig... I noticed severe dithering issues. Notice the dots? You know, it ruins the image. What did you use to convert the video into a GIF?
    I'll need to look for more of Pokémon-themed sketches on there then.

    Very. Oh well, I still think it's a great series. Only cost me $20 for the whole thing.
    Holy hell, a new cartoon on Cartoon Network that actually looks interesting. With all those pop culture references I saw on the episode list I'd actually be tempted to watch it.
    Sorta, it's set in 5053 AD, which was a neat idea. Only thing that bugs me is that people don't use phones more often. In the original novel obviously they didn't have them, but if you're in 5053 friggin AD you'd think all these rich people would have at least one cell phone. xD
    Aw man that sucks! What's your new one from?

    Indeed it is. It's Albert de Morcerf from Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo doing a parody of it. Since his name has a silent 't' in it as well it works. xD
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