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  • Actually, what do you know of banner making, we could use one for the victor.
    And if you can't make one personally, perhaps you could refer em to someone who could?
    Welcome. I watched it exclusively in English until the VA switch happened. Now it's mostly the subbed version that I watch, with occasional viewings of the dub if I happen to catch it on TV.
    I like jerk Gary and nice Gary, but my favorite is a combination of the two.

    That's Central time, so it's on at 6:30am on the east coast...and 4:30am for Mountain...and 3:30am for Pacific. Again, wtf CN?

    Might be able to help you out with that. (If YouTube doesn't delete them first.)

    I thought the epilogue of 02 was reviled by a decent portion of the fandom, so we're not alone.
    Me too. I used to hate him because he was a jerk to Ash, but now I love him for it.

    It's even harder for kids these days to wake up and watch new episodes. (5:30am? Seriously Cartoon Network? Thank jeebus I have the internet.)

    Does that mean you're watching Best Wishes right now?

    Bah, in my head canon Taiora happened, along with Takari. Stupid 02 ruining everything for me...
    No worries. xD Just pointing it out because others have had no clue I was a chick.

    I think I thought something similar to that as a kid, but romance was never high on my priority list, so my focus was more on the Pokémon and the wacky adventures the twerps got into. (Oh, and how TR was a bunch of meanies and that I hated them.) When AG started I got really into Advanceshipping, but then Misty came back at the beginning of Kanto BF and the Pokéshipper in me was "reawakened" (If you could call it that, since my interest in it was never fully realized until then.)

    Same here. I tend to go with the default pairings on shows as well. Might not be as "creative," but at least we get a lot of hints for our ship then right?
    You mean sis right?

    Anyways, you're a Jolteon fan too? Awesome! That's my favorite of the Eeveelutions.

    Have you been Pokéshipping since the show started?
    It hasn't been on every single team of mine, but it does show up from time to time. Currently have one at lvl. 85 on HG. Thing kicks ass it does~
    Well, competitive battlers and people who find it overrated, but who cares what they think? I'm still a fan of it after all these years.
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