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  • (Sorry for the late VM; I keep getting distracted. ^^;)

    Yeah, I sometimes lack motivation, which is a big problem I try working on.
    Ooh My Chemical Romance rocks! :D

    If you're having a good time with it, then props to you. :) I'm not so much into technology, either.

    :/ I really hope things work out, and I'm sorry to hear all that's happened to them. That's really terrible, and I hope they're managing okay.
    That's awesome! Bilingualism intrigues me and people who are bilingual make me jealous xD. I can only speak a little Tagalog (I'm half Chinese and my dad's side of the family speaks it) and a little Spanish (from school). I have relatives in Kentucky. ^^ (Though it's very close to the Virginia border, where most my mother's family lives.)

    Lol it's okay; I understand since you're not from here. xD

    Haha sweet. Do you think you'll do anything in the gaming industry as a career?

    Aw, it's okay; my family has drama, too. I really hope for the best for them, though. Do you think you'd move to the US to take care of them? It seems like it would be a big sacrifice.
    Hi,yep now im able to post on your profile and thanks.I enjoyed talking with you too.Though i might take a break a bit from debating(work and other stuff lol).
    Haha, well I'm glad you are able to talk to everyone now :) I am doing well, thank you for asking! Hope you enjoy it here.
    I think foreign languages would be incredibly helpful, but I don't really plan to take it much farther. I actually want to study music; I'm a big fan of singing.

    That's cool! What languages do you speak?

    You'd probably make a lot more than $500 a year; $500 is actually considered very low here. ^^;

    Cool way of getting a nickname. xD

    Aw, I'm awfully sorry to hear that, and I hope you and your family are doing okay. Cancer is such an awful disease. :/
    I know what you mean; I have relatives dispersed throughout the world, so I understand what you mean by feeling obligated.

    xD I like Sonic the Hedgehog, but I've never joined a forum for it; just this one for Pokémon. And yeah, people around here are pretty civil for the most part; the Anime section has certainly become much calmer over the past few years. It's really nice!
    Currently, Spanish. Thankfully it's mostly review, so nothing to difficult. ^^
    Alrighty! And yeah, I like having my own alias; I can roam unidentified. ;P That's cool; and is it because of Pokémon that your nickname is Ash?
    Heh, I'd have to talk to you a while before I could come up with an accurate nickname. XD But I can try!
    I'm okay; a bit stressed, but otherwise, life is good.

    So what are you liking about the site so far (noticed you were new)?
    Hey! I'm doing pretty well; working on some homework at the moment. My name's The Puppetmaster; you can call me that, TPM, Puppet, or by my real name, Franklin.
    How are you?
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