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  • I'm good thanks. :)
    Yeah, I think Black and White will be pretty cool. I like all the new pokemon they've revealed. :-D
    Right. No problems then, but since you mis-spelled it twice in the same post I thought you had a wrong idea 'bout the spelling, I took no offense.

    You were the only one I could see taking this topic seriously, so I wanted to correct a mistake, nothing else.
    Dear Mythology nerd, I would just like to tell you that in Hindu mythology, its not Shivu but Shiva is what the destroyer is called.
    I've been okay~

    Neglecting the fandom?
    Don't be silly. Half the posts and threads are idiotic, the same ideas are argued about over and over in circles, and anything that deviates from the norm is shamed.
    I only log on to respond to anything you or Unknown Lord post.
    The fandom is mostly a waste of time, and I dont blame you for making yourself scarce.
    The period inbetween games isn't very enjoyable anyway.

    As far as the news that they're 5th gen games I was the same way.
    I'm more dissaponted that they're *apparently* for the DS, because I feel like the upper limit has been reached on the system, not to mention it's 6 years old.
    However, I'm starting to think that G5 will be quite short, but it's still a bit too far out to make a claim such as that.

    I've also been taking my SS playthrough slow, it's actually much more enjoyable that way.
    I'm also thinking about getting a second copy, but FFFFFFU I don't have th money.
    So it turns out it wasn't a third game but the next set of games.
    How do you feel?

    I'm disappointed myself, looks like Generation 2 all over again.
    Do you have any thoughts on Zoroa being the previous incarnation of the legendary beasts, and what else the movie has in store for us (the Lock Capsule as Zoroa's evolution method and a Celebi Forme as another new character)? Or have you lost interest now that we are not dealing with a potential third version anymore?
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