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Jun 3, 1994 (Age: 24)
Why do you care
Content Writer and Web Designer/Programmer


Don't Look Away, 24, from Why do you care

Flaze-kun or no deal :P Feb 28, 2016

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    1. Sponchi
      Your number one in most messages
    2. Mika
      Good morning!
      1. Flaze
        Yo, what up.
        Jul 18, 2018
        Mika likes this.
      2. Mika
        I'm cool!
        Jul 18, 2018
    3. Ambyssin
      Heya, thanks for the review! Sorry I can't fully reply to it (good ol' work, probably the last Sunday update I'll ever do, ha ha), but I definitely will when I have some free time. I usually like to do revisions based on your guys' suggestions before I reply to stuff, anyway. XP
    4. canisaries
      hi, sorry for bothering, but could you answer my question from my review soonish (the one on whether you'd want grammar critique or not)? i'd love to get to reviewing chapter 2. thanks!
      1. Flaze
        Oh, don't worry about it xD you can review chapter 2 and I can respond later, it's been a while since you posted so it should be fine
        Jan 29, 2018
    5. canisaries
      hey, you still up for that review exchange?
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    6. rixxx22
      How are you
    7. Beth Pavell
      Beth Pavell
      Oh, you know. It's been Pavell. And yourself?
    8. Time Breaker
      Time Breaker
      Nice Akko avi <3
    9. BorgyDudeMan
      *Looks away*
    10. Moon Umbreon
      Moon Umbreon
      1. Flaze
        Aug 28, 2017
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    11. The Light
      The Light
      That avatar is really cute. ^^
    12. Beth Pavell
      Beth Pavell
      Well, not just you in this case. My review count has dropped off dramatically as well
    13. Beth Pavell
      Beth Pavell
      Somebody's making a comeback to proper writing, eh?
    14. Moon Umbreon
    15. MegaGreninga
      The new episode of Pokémon sun and moon ep 33 reminds me of Ash Oshowatt vs Palpitoad

      Ash Oshowatt finally masters Aqua jet against the strongest leader

      Lanna popplio learn aqua jet against the strongest leader

      Both did do some fishing in the episode
    16. Anime Psyclone
      Anime Psyclone
      Mimikyu is cute

      Mimikyus mimicking Ash and his Pikachu would be even cuter though
    17. Ebail
      Happy birthday man! Hope it's a good one.
    18. Rainami
      hello. I saw your message, but I dunno if you saw my response to it
    19. General Custard
      General Custard
      Booo xP

      (Hey Flaze :3)
    20. Hidden Mew
      Hidden Mew
      Sorry for the bit of spoilers on episode two there. I would have preferred if they introduced things more gradually too. It felt like they were throwing in everything they could in the hopes that something would stick. Exposition isn't necessarily bad, but when it isn't interesting, I don't have much investment in the characters and it takes 90% of an episode, it can be a problem.
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    Jun 3, 1994 (Age: 24)
    Why do you care
    Content Writer and Web Designer/Programmer
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation V (DS)
    Favorite Region:
    Unova / Isshu
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    All right time for me to edit this thing. First of all I don't know why I added my age before when I clearly get older (sadly) anywhooooo...I'm from Venezuela in South America a very very boring country so yeah I'm actually not that interested in my place of birth xD

    Right now I'm going to college and I'm studying engineering, in computers just so you know, so that I can one day create my very own Terminator or a robot butler, I'll settle for either.

    As for music, I'm an all rounder, I do tend to lean more towards rock and all the rocksy type of music, but I basically listen to anything I like, of course listing specifics groups right now will take a while and I'm too lazy to xD

    Sillyness aside, I'm a pretty easygoing guy, I don't really have anything special about me hmmm...I guess I'm a real big procrastinator and like that sort of people that gets interested in something but lacks the will to really go through with it...ha.

    I'm a writer...okay I'm not a writer, I don't money off of it and I don't know if I'll ever actually be, though I do wanna be published one day; on that note though I do write as a hobby and have my own fic here (points to the banner below with neon lights)

    Well I don't think I have much of anything else to say, except that I also mod the RP section, RPing is cool it isn't the normal kind like it's just typing I'm not actually used to online RPGs. So if you ever wanna play something you can call me just in case :p

    My other love is anime and manga basically xD I'm always reading or watching something new to the point that making a list seems pretty freaking useless, regardless I like the different styles that one can get from different stories so I use them for my own writing, not like I don't read books either though it's not as common.

    I love movies, to heck, I can't say I'm the type that just watches anything (much less horror) but I like any movie that can grasp my interest especially if it's sci fi or action (but I don't really have a specific interest for classical action movies cause those tend to be too flashy) other than that my favorite genre would have to be comedy....but I don't like it when they're too overly silly either xD

    Aside from that I guess I really am just a pretty boring guy aren't I -w-;

    Reading manga, writing, listening to music, watching movies, talking to friends, conquering the world


    RPG Section/Pokemon Academy Year III: Childhood's End
    Full Credit goes to Cresselia92 for my amazing avatar​
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