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  • Aww. I'm in the states, so I get out in a little over a week for Thanksgiving. I really need this break. :p I hope break comes fast for you.
    No way, man! I only wrote it to see what would happen

    Oh yeah, by the way, could you send me that RP link sometime?
    I don't know why you care so much about this xD

    I suppose you're probably looking at the best part of a week before it could be fixed then?
    That's the beauty of it xD This way I can blog about writing it without being associated with the exact story

    Doesn't this guy have any competitors you can go to instead?
    Ah, nuts to you, I'm actually in a good mood today :)

    You know, it might be quicker to by a new one xD
    Yo! I've been doing all right. Super busy with school work though, so it's been a tiring week. But other than that good.

    How are you doing?
    Probably not going to address the review in the thread until Friday, but thanks for leaving it. For now I'll say that the blend of religions makes a tad more sense in context and I'll elaborate on it more later. Basically, Hinduism as a whole has been a very flexible religion capable of tolerating or acknowledging others. So, if the existence of six gods was all but confirmed by Platinum's Spear Pillar Incident, it would probably adapt in a couple decades to acknowledge that those gods were things. While Aracai still would prefer to worship Shiva or Kali or one of the other important Shaivite gods, in a pinch or in a situation where one of the Sinnoh legend's realm is more applicable she isn't above praying to one of them.
    That's right, rub it in why don't you xD

    Alright, then. What's happening with that, by the way? I know you won't have had time to start anything, but are you back with a working laptop now?
    Yep. You'll be able to tell if I ever end up with someone, 'cause The Long Walk will end up getting updated about every three months

    Oh, right ^^' I just wondered whether that meant you were going to concentrate on Second Year Rhapsody
    Cut down on your other leisure activities xD Sorry, but really, the reason I have more time to write is because I tend to write during the time that other people devote to games and anime and girlfriends

    Ah ^^' Er, hate to say this, but what does that mean for our collaboration?
    I messaged you at 9 am and haven't heard from you all day. Is there something wrong with your phone? Because this is unusual.
    I like to try and keep my output pacey. Stops me from getting bored with the chapter

    Why five in six weeks?
    This one's probably going to be shorter, bizarrely, but I've decided that I'm taking too long to write it

    Oh, hurrah! Progress
    I haven't been able to watch any ongoing anime lately because of internetz, but I've started watching Space Brothers, and I gotta tell you ... it's awesome. The characters are really well written and I especially love the soundtrack. The story is really interesting too. You should check it out, though I know how you feel about long anime, and this one is 99 eps.
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