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  • Joshie no. Lexy probably, she outright said she won't go Thursday, and I'm actually considering staying up till 6 so she does.
    To be honest I've been in my room. I didn't even check if my siblings went to school..*goes to do so*
    Cause I went to bed early so I wouldn't be too scared, really hun let's not dig to deep into it. I'm still not at ease with my mom gone.
    I'm hoping to get Chapter Ten published by the end of the week. Looks like it's going to be a long one (Relatively anyway), perhaps around 4,000 words
    really? I might just have to check that out. and you never know, I might just surprise you ;)

    That, or I fail horribly, both viable options.
    Yeah I'm definitely gonna need to re-read from the beginning once everything's out in the open.

    Ah I agree! I think because Index was split into individual arcs rather than something central, so Railgun had more character focus. Are you gonna work your way through Index season 2 or Railgun S?
    Yeah. I was working on it all day. here it is. I based him on something you're probably familiar with. tell me if there's something you want me to change. I tried Posting it here but it's over the limit of characters I can type in a VM. so Ima look for the Sign Ups and post it there.
    For srs, working sounds like the worst, but apparently everyone has to do it I'mma remain a kid forever

    Pffft, who the hell do you think I am (haven't watched Gurren since we last discussed watching Gurren, but hey); I is teh anti-responsiblest. Been mostly busy with things irl with the school year wrapping up and such.

    THE MELODRAMA ;-; although it was definitely one of the pieces I spent a lot more time refining, I think. I mostly drew inspiration from some stuff we did in class at my school; most of my stuff isn't nearly as philosophical and gross as that, and it was an interesting problem trying to juggle the thought process and the plot. I'd be flattered if you made a fanfic, though :eek: Maybe you could address all of the worldbuilding problems that I kind of ignored, heh. xD

    Never tried getting too clever with writing, but I suspect as far as philosophy is concerned it would end up looking rather like something Terry Pratchett might have come out with (yeah, you've probably already guessed he's my literary idol). How's the writing coming on?

    I decided to give your fanfic a try, haven't had much time to go past the prologues yet but I'm certainly enjoying your setting so far and the detail you've put into worldbuilding. I can visualize it as something like an official manga once it gets rolling... like, the sort of original Pokemon concepts that get adapted, if that makes sense. I grew up in the Outer Banks so the oceanfront setting is vivid in my mind and definitely makes it stand out as far as 'academy' concepts go. I also like how you worked in convincing original Pokemon into it early on, that was certainly a nice change of pace to see that creative aspect thrown in compared to stories that just describe a Pokemon we've seen a hundred times already in ten games and expect us to get pumped up about it =P

    There are a few more nitpicky minor criticisms that came to mind, mainly just regarding syntax flow and grammar in a couple of spots, but I'd like to read through at least a good chunk more of it before really leaving a detailed review and my initial reaction is certainly positive. I'm definitely intrigued so far and looking forward to reading through more :)

    (Chigon is the best Pokemon ever by the way I want one)
    No worries XD

    Yeah I guess that's true. They did make that comparison that the witches may mess around with Beato's game but they're still limited to its rules. I'm just waiting for the rules explanation, kinda like how they explained Higurashi's rules X, Y, Z.

    Haha I guess he already has, his catchphase always laments his misfortune :p
    *narrows eyes*

    Why? What's actually wrong with it for the most part?

    Kind of. I've just finished the first of two weeks off for Easter, but this next week really needs to be spent on the huge amount of work I have to do.
    sounds p deceptive to me bruh

    so harsh xD I'm p sure the fact that you have internet access and were able to post that means it can't be that terrible :p

    I've got a lot of homework and other things to do, but I'll try to make SYR one of my fics to review for tomorrow.
    suuuuuure D;

    Ick. I don't think I could survive in such a country, and not just because frozen goods wouldn't last too long >___>"
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