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  • Lots of important interaction and character development in a relatively short space of time! I don't know about you, but I'm also not very good at writing battles, so they take a lot of editing
    nope </3

    was that in the winter, though? iirc you can p much get away with it if the weather's cool, as long as you don't open it too much if at all.
    eh, i'm okay i guess.

    oh, that's good! i'm glad it didn't happen to your house too. i must have been around my mother too much because when i hear "no electricity" all i can think is "the fridge freezer omg everything will melt" ahaha
    I may take a short break from writing once Chapter Ten is done - it'll round off the Azalea arc nicely, which has been a taxing arc to write. Writing pen-and-paper RPG characters really doesn't prepare you for something like this
    Oh, one of my older friends works in telecommunications and he also ends up accidentally getting the nutjobs without even trying. Like, last week this guy pretended to only speak Chinese to try to get out of getting a call (my friend works at an insurance premiums place)(I also thought this only happened in films, haha!), except, plot twist, friend also speaks Chinese but the guy on the line was only pretending to/only knew a few words, and then it was just suuuuuuper uncomfortable.

    Yeah, my sleep to internet ratio has steadily declined for the past three years at this point. And sunlight burns nuuuuuu.

    Fire away on Shantih. It was kind of just my token angst writing for the year until I can update SRBS, haha.
    Okay cool. No I mean like, completely original stuff xD I don't know, it's probably not a great fit but I like the community here and I'd like to see reactions to some of my 'real' stuff eventually haha.

    What's your fanfic called? I haven't kept very up to date on the Fairground since I became a Mafia addict I must admit. I'd love to give it a read.
    Oh, that's awesome! I'm glad it lifted your spirits a little. Hopefully you'll find something else chuckleworthy this time. :)

    How are original works seen on BMGF? Like, are they usually looked down upon or seen as a good thing? I've been doing mainly more serious OC stuff recently (aside from LGCS of course) and I'm tempted to post some of it, but I'm afraid it might not go over well as non-fanfic stuff since it's mainly fanfiction territory over there. Just thought I'd get an opinion from a more veteran user xD
    Well, to an extent it means having to think like a girl. I know, women aren't really from Venus, but there are subtleties to get right. Getting the family dynamic right is tricky - I haven't got much of a reference point for mother-daughter relationships so it requires more thought than the father-son dynamic between Josh and his dad.

    Certainly does make for a busier forum, which is always a good thing
    she has many strange and confusing reasons for that and i find it best not to question her :p

    that's a silver lining if i ever saw one! hopefully it wasn't an area-wide thing to like your house too or anything?
    Getting inside her head is the hardest part of writing this story. I've probably said as much already but her thoughts during Chapter Nine took a long time to get right.

    Is it me, or have there been a lot of new stories recently?
    how on earth can social awkwardness make me likable??

    yeah, i know that feeling too well u__u if i'm tired, i can barely focus on anything for more than about ten seconds at a time.
    Well I was thinking this Journey/Crack Fic. Basically I was thinking I take the whole concept of a journey fic...and mess it all up. I figured I'm make it episodic with arcs here and there with an overarcing storyline to make it easy to come up with ideas. =P

    You ain't gettin' anymore hints from me tho, it's a work in progress XD
    Hah, that'll happen to me sooner or later, I expect. So far my characters are still very fresh, despite their development throughout the story being more or less planned out already. Especially Eve - I'm still not quite sure where she came from but she's too interesting to let go xD
    Perhaps I'd be better off starting with Second Year Rhapsody as and when I manage to get round to it. Do you ever get tired of writing the same characters on such a long story?
    omg don't i was so scared i'd done something really horrible but obviously i just had a socially awkward moment, didn't know what to say and then it slipped my mind ;A;

    O: tut tut. maybe it's not such a bad gig after all, if that's the whole story :p
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