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  • I'd imagine you would have told her awhile back considering this is a first. x) But have you been working on your other calls then?
    Mom woke me up at 11 but I dozed off back to sleep. Though apparently she's across the street doing laundry, so I'm not sure if we'll still go to Walmart when she comes back. I'll tell you though. Otherwise I was sleeping a good portion of this day you speak of. :p
    In what sense? Her taking 1,000 pictures of herself, cracking my vault app, changing the wallpaper, or actually breaking it? Though really I trust her, considering it's the only device she can speak to her bf right now. :p
    Well she needed an alarm in the morning, so I let her use my iPod but I didn't think she'd take it with her.
    Hunny, I have no idea where my sister put my iPod. I think she may have took it with her in fact.
    It does have its uses when thinking about sterotypes and clichés, I've noticed. Hmm, interesting. I haven't seen that many academy style fics around here - I think yours is the most prominent
    nvm, I'm not gonna write Neil's coma, you can just have Jordan tell the club about the coma, I am too busy to write it
    I think you hit the nail on the head with the reason it failed in the West. It was just one of those wrong place, wrong time things. =/ I feel like if it were to be released for the first time here in today's market it'd be an instant hit.

    And awesome, I can't wait. You've got a great line up of RPers, it looks like, I'm excited to be a part of it. :)
    I can't help but think in tropes a lot when I write xD That's what hours of reading Tv Tropes when you can't sleep will do to you. I'm tempted to have a go at an Academy-style fic at some point -any words of wisdom you can offer as a veteran?
    I have one idea that seems rather promising, I might just give it a go after I finish the semester this month. Other than that, I'll mostly be hanging around. :p
    Well sorta! I had thought that the story would have rather limited appeal - it certainly does on Fanfiction.net - so I'm surprised at the response I've got. I noticed that Dragon's Roar managed to find it's way onto Tv Tropes, that's pretty rare
    Sometimes I look at my feedback and can't quite believe I'm getting away with it. Erin's Log, I remember that! Well, I remember the name. What's it been like writing in the Academy setting?
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