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  • Oh, I'm going to make sure he feels that way.

    That was a prologue to a splinter of the main series. I'm still planning on writing that, but sometimes I feel like I'm slowing myself down by forcing myself to write it, even though it isn't as important as the main story. Though, it is really good in its own right. And that prologue was actually more related to the main story than the splinter, so you got a small glimpse of what's to come. There are going to be lots of interesting characters introduced, which is why I want to get started on the main series instead of being held back by the splinter, which I had promised before it.

    Anyway, if I'm a man of my word (and I am) the prologue and maybe even the first chapter will be up next week. Maybe even this week if I'm being ambitious. I'm going to ask for your beta-reviewing services too ;)
    I'm just glad Project Titan didn't come across as cheesy or stupid. You were supposed to think it was Mewtwo, but I have other plans for him. He was actually mentioned in Chapter 40, though not by name.
    It really is baffling how Jojo has been so overlooked in the west. Everything from its art style to its presentation to its characters to the names (all based on classic US/British rock bands) all seem based on and almost targeting the west, and Parts 6 and 7 actually take place in the USA. I think a lot of it has to do with the limited release of the OVA, Viz's missteps with their release of the Part 3 manga (advertising it as "Jojo's Bizarre Adventures" instead of the clearer and more western appealing title "Stardust Crusaders," delaying the manga volumes because of Muslim backlash to several scenes and therefore having most major book chains remove the series from their releases list, etc), and the lack of exposure to the series over here in general, but it's picking up steam with the new anime and now that it's being broadcast on CrunchyRoll I foresee a good boom in its Western popularity at last.

    I don't want to spoil anything you don't want to know, but you're wrong about something you stated

    You're quite welcome, by the way, I'm excited to be a part of it and you've done a great pitch! I've never RPed on this forum before but GG's finally pushed me to trying it, and on the few RP centric boards I've frequented in previous years I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so I'm looking forward to diving into such an interesting setting with all the regulars I know from around these boards. Thanks for accepting the sign up, and as I'm not sure when you're going to close sign ups, I feel like I should mention that GG told me tonight that he plans to sign up for it tomorrow as well xD
    Absolutely! He's actually in partnership with most upscale fashion companies, and whole shows of just Jojo designs have been showcased. He's done several crossover comics for Gucci and even set up window displays at their stores in every country. He's a huge fashion magazine fanatic and there are whole sites just showing which pages of which magazines a lot of his poses come from :p

    And yes, the ending of Part 1 is insane. What you'll come to realize is that in Jojo literally anybody can die from anything or survive anything, it's all a gamble, and don't ever think you can figure out the endings... they range from bittersweet to just plain kickass to the mindfuck that is Part 6's ending. Some of the best/craziest stuff comes from Part 3 and on where "Stands" are introduced... it's amazing the amount of body horror the stands put characters through and how half the time they'll just bounce right back from a severed arm or watch calmly as a sword is plunged through them xD
    Well I originally planned on having the most recent chapter be all the way through the fight with Project Titan, so I wrote it that way. But then I realized that was about 13,000 words, or over 50% longer than my previous longest chapter (the Pallet Town filler-ish one). So I split it up. Hopefully with this head start I'll be able to update more regularly than I have in the past.
    I think you have the perfect mindset for enjoying Jojo... it really is along the lines of an old comic book, right down to the huge floating SFX (they look fancy in Japanese but are all like POW, BAM, KABOOM, etc). xD No offense taken, I'm glad my avatar turned you off to it actually. I really chose this avatar because something about the OVA's bland shonen facial expression/design and the dramatic staring foward while sipping a pink drink with almost no animation is just hilarious looking to me, one of many questionable animation shots in the OVA =P Once we get to some of my favorite scenes in the new anime rendition I'll definitely update my sig/av with those, however.

    The artstyle put me off at first too but once I got used it I honestly love it and I almost have trouble going back to the more traditional anime styles now. Especially in later parts I'm absolutely amazed by the quality and realism in the art and can't fathom how Araki manages to put some detail into every panel. I've watched a video of him sketching some characters, and every single time he draws anyone now he consults books of ancient sculptures for anatomy and fashion magazines for posing... it's a bit surreal, but it has a certain classical beauty to it that really draws one in once they adapt to it.
    Quite well, actually. I've finished the next chapter, but it needs revision. Maybe just maybe I'll be able to keep ahead on it.
    We're basically the same age -_- but dude, thanks for telling me about the new season. I didn't even know about it until you told me. Not even my friend proclaimed DBZ-Lover told me about it. But yeah, even though they remastered it, the only good animation is in the opening and ending songs, which is kind of annoying, but what're gonna do.

    Well, no I haven't written any of the main story yet. And when I said finally, I meant start writing, since I've been putting it off for so long now.
    You know, I'm fluent in Arabic, yet I was actually more pissed of at the terrible subs than the way the Japanese butchered the language. I mean sure they can't say Aladdin right (Arajin xD), not even English speakers say it how it's supposed to be said, but the fact that the people who sub the anime can't even get the English spelling right is just infuriating. But yeah, it was awesome.

    I'm really only watching Yu Yu, because I just love the nostalgic feel of old timey shounen, which is why I'm also watching Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X. Reminds me of DBZ and the old HxH. It's true that it isn't as deep story wise, but meh.

    I heard of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, heard it was an exceptional shounen. I might just get into it ...

    Awesome, I'm actually planning on finally starting my fic too, though it might take a while. I'm going to start writing it within the week, maybe even today. I promised myself that I would be more productive, and cut down on the binge watching.
    Fine, last weekend I binge watched 2 seasons of Magi. Right now though, I'm watching Yu Yu Hakusho.
    It's going ok. I'm ironing out the next arc - a little concerned that it's going to be a bit too slice-of-life to hold interest. How about you, are you still writing?
    Oh, well, commiserations then! Drat. That's one of those words I just can't spell first time, if that makes any sense
    My immediate response is that the Darren's birthday thing sounds sweet, but I think what's really important is that you pick whichever one takes you further down the path to a satisfying conclusion for SYR.
    Haha, wow, if you think the first episode is off the wall I can't imagine what you'll do once you get to later parts. It's certainly an environment simultaneously of ovverreaction to every little thing and hardly batting an eye at the most horrific aspects, sometimes... a fun dichotomy for sure.

    Watching from the start I'd say is your best bet, but if you can't bring yourself to continue, I'd skip on to Part 2, like I said before. Avoid the Part 3 OVA like the plague, though. I know it's hypocritical to say when my avatar is from it but it mishandled the story and atmosphere terribly. The new anime already from the one episode released in incredibly faithful while simultaneously improving/adding upon certain aspects, and is visually much more of a treat.

    As it goes on, if you can get into it, you'll find that it's a lot less insane in its madness, if that makes sense. The reactions will actually match with how ridiculous the powers and fights get, and the stakes will be raised to where it's easy to actually get lost in the plot. Later parts especially strive for a lot more realism, parts 7 and 8 are almost photorealistic in their artstyle and take a more grounded approach.
    For sure! I have plans to review several stories I've read in the past. I can't promise the reviews will be as long, but I'll definitely do one. Either way, you'll get a big long review when you finish.
    lolololololol. There's some irony in there, but I can't quite find it. Do you ever have any of those oddly interesting conversations with strange people over the phone, or is that just in the movies?


    Lol, I don't ever sleep. Does anyone?

    Gimme some time and I'll get to it, I promise. :x Been depressingly inactive as of late/busy with school/irl. SUNLIGHT.
    Work is work, more or less. My dad's a carpenter and I hate working outside so working with dad isn't really an option for me xD
    Thanks. ^^" Fingers crossed. I hope your parents make things a little bit easier on you, too. That doesn't sound like a very fun situation.

    Been up to anything new lately? :p
    that's it, it's like you just get to a point where you've had enough and even though you DO still almost hysterically care about what you need to do because you don't wanna screw it up, you simultaneously can't be bothered any more and just shut off mentally. ugh.
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