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  • Hmm, I might go back to Misheard Whisper eventually, but I'm Seizon Senryaku everywhere else now so I was just bringing it in line.

    Fair enough, I just have trouble keeping track of various characters' names sometimes.

    I dunno, D-Frag sort of appeals to my sense of humour. It's nothing particularly original, but I'm enjoying it for what it is. I'm definitely still up with Kill la Kill too, that shit's amazing. I've got all the episodes of Kuroko so far, but I haven't watched past the end of Season 1 because I've been short on time. It's the case with a lot of shows, actually - I had a period without much internet access, so I've fallen behind on a lot of things. I have this big-ass list of like thirty anime series I've obtained completely but haven't even started, plus like a dozen ongoing ones. T_T
    Haha, I need to stop changing my username. :p

    Kana Hanazawa (Onodera, the shy girl) is probably my favourite current voice actor. Are you watching any other shows this season? Best so far look to be D-Frag and The Pilot's Love Song imo. Maybe Noragami if it gets going.
    I used to read the manga a while ago, so I was really happy to see it finally made it to anime. Great cast too, Kana Hanazawa and Nao Toyama are two of my favourites. I've only seen the first episode so far, but I'm definitely going to follow it through.
    Ah, I see. I never really tried the RP here BG, I think I'll check that out too XD
    Hey what would think about starting a PRP with me? I was thinking about asking someone like Scholar as well.
    I mean, if I'm an old guy, there's no point in transforming into an old guy again, is there?

    I just have no idea what they were doing with the Geass thing in, like, the late teens/early twenties of the episode when it was like WELL I'M NOT ACTUALLY EVIL EMPEROR I JUST WANT A WORLD WITHOUT LIES SO MY GEASS LIES TO YOUR BRAIN and then whaaaaat. Also, Shirley's death was pretty random, yeah. I was mostly peeved because of how they were trying to go back to last season with the whole "we're back in high school again and I have to let people know that I'm not Zero" which was all of the previous episodes and stuff, but hey.

    No, like, I shall judge ALL of the things.
    That's too bad.

    Any particular reason why your down about working, or is it more of those "It's such a pain, but I'll do it anyway." kinda deals.
    Hey, how's it going?

    (Don't worry, this isn't me asking for something. I just wanted to chat with someone)
    The Rp's are pretty sweet actually. The Fairy Tail site itself is non-canon and I'd even go as far to say that it builds it's own complete story. I think the only similarities it has with the original series is the concept of guilds, the mages and stuff. But other than that, the site has irt's own storyline, cities, setting, whatnot.

    The Rp's here sound nice as well. Are they like self contained in a single thread or do they have multiple thread or...?
    Sounds pretty cool. I know how it feels to be so busy with college. heck, I got off two exams last monday and have a midterm tomorrow ._. It doesn't help when you gotta work as well. I've been wanting to start a new story for a while now, but I've been so busy that I'm not sure I can actually commit to a story. Knowing myself, it'd be best if I wrote like 50% of the story before it was even posted anywhere.

    Well I'm a global moderator at an RP site called Fairy Tail Guild. It's a pretty cool place, active, got a good member base, structured RP and stuff. I enjoy it and it's nice place to hang out. I kinda left to shamelessly from BG that I was ashamed to come back (as dumb as that sounds). Say, any good Rp's going on here?
    It's only useful for situations like this, lol.

    ...yeaaaaaaah. But it was totally worth it although I have absolutely no idea what R2 meant, lol

    It has been a long time, hasn't it? XD

    I'm pretty good. Been busy with college and life stuff. The usual boring things. Also been doing some mod work on another RP site. A friend of mine wanted to return to Bulbagarden to write a story so I thought I'd drop by to see how things were, happy to see old faces, sad to see some go. What about you, how're things holding up with your story? Win any new awards?
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