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  • Yeah well you can't expect too much, the adaptation from manga to anime doesn't do well for small character arcs, it's what manga does best though.

    I just watched the first ep of Ore Monogatari and I have to say, it's really refreshing, I love this new take on a love triangle. I loved Trigun, so I'll consider watching it after it's complete, maybe.
    Rubbish ones. It's even vague on exactly what we have to revise. There's no indication of how marks will be awarded.

    I don't know how I managed it, I check each message before I delete it
    At least you've got a good idea of what you need to do for yours > < My instructions are frustratingly vague

    I deleted the most recent e-mails when I was clearing out my inbox

    Yeah man fuck the man what are you doing man what maaaaaaaaan

    Less dough, more salt, not bad, can't have it all the time.

    Yeah you old geezer you!

    I'd say roll a six-sided dice; if eight, I'll be there.
    Yeah. Too many unknowns right now. Which is frustrating because it's hard to know how to study

    Could you send me what you have on the last scene?
    The kissing concept sounds interesting XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD What's up with this season's anime - they're all godly crazy fun XDD
    Ah, yes XDD Mikagura XD I half-expected that summoning game characters would be her ability which was actually half-true

    I googled images for Yamada and the Seven Witches, and it looks something Jump-ish. how is it that the first image result I get is two guys kissing omg so cool
    *sigh* stupid damn assessments. That's the last ongoing one in - I don't care if it's any good, it doesn't really matter at this point
    The only two I'm watching out of those, is Fate Stay/Night and Assassination Classroom, but they're both on hold, I'll probably binge watch them later. I just checked Ore Monogatari, and I like shoujo so I might start watching this ... and you say I don't take you recommendations.
    lol I have a recommendation too XD Mikage High School!! It's a moe-version of Kill la Kill XD
    I've been working pretty much 24/7 on homework, and am still managing to fall behind.

    What about you?
    There's certainly stuff you could do to help security, but hooking the voting system up to the internet is just asking for trouble. There's not much benefit given the risk of hacking and fraud. Vote by mail is easy anyway.

    Thanks :p
    Ah, well, mountains are nice. xD I'm a bit jealous actually just hearing about it as I haven't even seen a mountain for a while :p

    I feel ya. ^^ New stuff is just so tempting. ;y; Hope you're having fun with it though! I remember you telling me a while ago about how your laptop broke done, so it seems that the wait was well-deserved!

    That's rather unfortunate. )~: The anime, from what i saw, looked rather good, so hopefully news will come out soon.

    Only if you want to. :p I can always put recommendations on my list. ^^

    Yes I was!! I can't recall the exact amount, but I do have the amount and the notes i had while reading someone on my ipad, so i'll have to copy/paste them to you when I get the chance! :0 I did get up to somewhere in the tournament arc though, which I was super excited to read as I love big tournaments. I'm especially excited to see the outcome as I still have that to read~~
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