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  • It would be way too easy to commit voter fraud if you could vote online though.

    I think chaos_Leader is a producer too, but I've never heard any of his music.
    I'll still have to think about it

    Now if I go to IMDB I shall probably be proven completely wrong

    Oh, right, that makes more sense
    I don't think you can, though. I know you can register to vote online (same deal in Washington), but I'm pretty sure it's vote by mail only.

    Well I don't really have much competition, do I?
    Damn, 14? That's crazy even for you. I'm watching 3 ongoing and 1 completed. But I'm also watched Steven Universe (rewatching actually, it's so good that after watching it the first time, I started rewatching right away lol), though you might not count that as an anime, it's awesome, you should watch it. Should =/= can, I know. But anyway, what are you watching?
    oh yes and he answered the door stark naked as well what other reason does he have :D
    Like, tired but okay. And I totally forgot to message you back, so that basically just tells you everything you need to know. :p
    Thanks for you welcome a few weeks ago in the general chat thread Flaze! I've been out a few weeks due to personal reasons...but I'm back and hope to log in routinely to keep up with everyone. I'm really looking for a home where I can work on my writing, read the works of others, and make some friends online. I look forward to getting to know everyone. Thanks for having me o/
    That's the point, I can't push my luck too far when it comes to detours from the main story

    I forget, got to be about early nineties, I think

    It has a fan. Every now and again it blasts hot air over my hands for about half an hour
    I wouldn't know since I can't vote here. I still have Washington residency (that's where I'm originally from).

    I don't mind. I just think it's funny that it's been there for so long and apparently no one noticed. I do appreciate it.
    I loved the first episode of Ore Monogatari. The big guy is so sweet - I hope he finally gets a chance at romance with the heroine!

    Have you seen the second episode of Kekkai Sensen? Zappy was pure gold XDD This anime is so over the top, and crazy in a lot of aspects (but a good kind of crazy)
    I'd been up until ~4:30 am each night that week, then on Friday night, decided to sit on the floor with my laptop and write . . . which failed miserably!

    And thanks. Writing (while wanting to just fall asleep) was pure agony, so I'm happy it ended up being coherent. Hurrah! See, I'm actually a good writer!

    Yeah okay and you think I sound stoned

    how does one even sound stone. hello stone? i is sounding you

    They're so dough-y, lol. Kind of hard to get around and I need to drink tons of water after. Also, heh, aye aye cap.

    Hey man aren't you much older than I.

    Happy birthday, sirrah! Two months early!
    Yeah, exactly!

    I don't think I've ever seen it all the way through, come to think of it. It's one of those films that probably goes for like, £3 these days

    Yeah, ain't happing. Not on any budget I could scrounge up, anyway
    I wish I could help! If it flew to Oregon somehow and I find it, I'll let you know. I think murder might be a bit of an overreaction though.

    I've had a link to my Soundcloud in my signature for four years and nobody has clicked on it before, as far as I can tell. Thanks anyway!
    It's not a sad life, it's great. And you don't want to know. Or maybe you do, but I can't tell you.

    I took an extra shift at Subway. And I ended up staying an extra 2 hours for my overnight shift. $$$$$$
    We'll have to see. I really don't want to let Part I go on forever - when you don't have things blowing up you can't afford to push your luck when it comes to extra chapters

    Oh, a film based on a book about a drug addict in Glasgow. Considered a British classic, I suppose

    My laptop has been overheating suspiciously recently, for some reason


    Why would you assume I'm stoned haha. man

    What the hell is this biscuit are you British now I KNEW THAT TALKING TO PAV TOO LONG WOULD DESTROY YOU. Although seriously, grats on nearly finishing!

    I have an AIM account lol that's how old I am mostly, and I might end up doing a recreational skype account if peer pressure from everyone else in WW makes me, heh.

    actually, with my parents, 'cause was away visiting family and stuffs, but turns out my cousins turn up super hard for the most mundane things lol
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