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  • Problem is, this arc's pretty full already ... not sure I can really cram in anything else

    Either that or Trainspotting xD

    Er ... me, I think, but could you send me the scene as you have it? I think I've deleted something by mistake
    I -am- always prepared. My life is just full of disturbing conversations.

    Where'd you lose it!

    I had class, but I got sick halfway through and went home early. Then I worked at Subway and didn't even have a chance to sit down, we were so busy. Then I slept and now I'm doing my overnight for the new job. HALLELUJAH GIVE ME MONEY
    Ore Monogatari? Is it part of the Monogatari series? Because I haven't seen those. Though I do like the idea of a romantic comedy XD It's been long since I've seen a decent one (Wolf Girl and Black Prince was kinda horrible)
    Idk I should go read the last part of the Izumo Rescue chapter to be sure, but I think she's still half-demon.

    Tiger and Bunny doesn't take place in New York, but I think it's inspired by New York because it takes place at a large harbor with a goddess statue.

    Sure, I'd like to hear more recommendations - just not sad ones XD
    I thought they were a fun mini-game. Kind of wondered for a while whether to introduce it into The Long Walk

    Not my fault, blame the game designers! The Scottish faction isn't really very historical - they're pretty much Braveheartland in the game
    :0 What was the occasion? Snow is a pretty magical thing in my opinion. xP

    Ahhh. :d Well good luck for it!!! Hope you're able to get a good amount of studying in!

    I saw the first episode came out last week, but haven't got a chance to watch it yet. Don't think a will for a bit, tbh, as I need to get back in to school and studying and the like. And did the Digimon series come out yet? From the looks of your theme it did, ((which looks awesome btw)) but I haven't spotted it on any of the anime sites.

    Eh, well, it worked out alright. xD I realized I could just copy and paste them to the notes app, which is what I eventually did. xD
    Silver was my favourite game, and Soul Silver was a great remake

    Nearly always. Scottish armies are never difficult to defeat, just expensive. If you let the buggers build an army you end up having to spend a fortune on archers to get rid of them
    Hmm ... can't really think of any off the top of my head. Pokémon Soul Silver, maybe

    First war is usually against the Scots. Capture Edinburgh as quickly as possible, boot them out of Inverness later, and then just ignore them if they took Ireland. Then it depends on how aggressive the French are, I suppose

    I'll try and get the Epilogue back to you tonight
    That really is the biggest question - 02, canon or non-canon?

    I ship Rin with Izumo because they are so similar in a way. They're both half-demons (if you count Izumo's partial transformation to the fox demon), so they're likely to understand each other way better.

    Ah, Seraph of the End has a prequel novel? Might check that out sometime :3

    If I hadn't read the YowaPeda manga then I might have been a lot more excited about what happens at the finish line :/ I was like OMG HE WON when I read that part in the manga, but the anime felt a bit less intense since I knew who was going to win. (I was still looking forward to any plot twists just in case though XD) What I did like was looking forward to Ishigaki and Midousuji's chemistry in the anime after reading the manga. Ishigaki pls don't graduate ;_;

    Yeah! Kill la Kill resemblance XD The animated New York City looks cool as well. It's a well-designed city, not as much as Tiger and Bunny though, but still awesome.
    AetherX = bold
    Arkadelphiak = italics

    1. Meeting, battle initiates
    2. Kuiora vs Atlas
    3. Kuiora vs Gaia
    4. Atis vs Gaia
    5. Atis vs Icarus
    6. Senori vs Icarus
    7. Kuiora vs Icarus
    8. Epilogue
    9. Analysis

    . . . Aether actually finished 3 and did 4 (then incorporated some of my unfinished parts for them) since I fell asleep on the floor and wasn't awake during the time we were communicating. Mah bad. But I did a lot of revising (see, I'm not useless!), and so did he.
    At least three, I should think

    Well, the game encourages you to be violent in your retribution. And honestly, the Scots are expensive just being there, what with the standing army you have to maintain just in case Braveheart decides he wants a nice house in Nottiingham

    I suppose a couple of sports anime wouldn't go amiss

    Yeah, had moments like that xD
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