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  • Imo, Digimon is one of those franchises that have the least plot holes, so hopefully the story turns out great. I do wonder what's going to happen to the 02 kids... at least Ken and Miyako should get a mention since they appeared in the second movie as cameos.

    I like Rin better as well mostly because of his chemistry with the other kids, especially Yukio and Izumo for shipping purposes. I really want to see this anime through without checking out the manga because I don't want to be spoiled. I would have enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul and Yowamushi Pedal a lot more if I hadn't read the manga out of impatience XD

    I KNOWWWW Zap was feaking awesome ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ The whole battle was so amazing, it's like Kill la Kill, but a lot LOT more intence XDD
    Oh, no, it doesn't start until summer. I have to survive the next month of school first.

    Yeah man fuck taking down Kuvira why would I ever BE FUCKING USEFUL IDK MAN

    I'm always late, but when I'm late, I'm late

    mmhmm i'm on it

    not one that I use for the interwebz, but why?

    also heh thanks
    It's not two hoots worth of fun

    I tried once, but Scotland and France ended allying together with Milan and the Holy Roman Empire against me. Which meant I had to take Edinburgh by storm and burn Paris to show everyone who's boss

    I did get the Epilogue, I'll send it back when I can
    You know what, Kekkai Sensen is going to be my new favorite anime XDD That battle scene was just pure epic!! Zap is my new fav character XDD
    I can see why. If I remember correctly, Sailor Moon Crystal got delayed... but then the result was dreadful animation quality that appears every now and then.

    That's pretty much why I'm finding Seraph of the End interesting. The protagonist reminds me of Rin from Blue Exorcist a lot, which is good because I love Rin XD

    Yup, the Teiko arc started. They even changed the title to black and white for that XD

    I guess the cooking anime might be worth checking out later on as it progresses :3 So Kekkai Sensen is like Men in Black? I guess it would be worth checking out as well. I've been seeing comments that most of the characters seem to be parodies from other anime... is it true? XD
    I hope it isn't delayed. If it does, then it better surpass expectations :3
    And yes - I'm watching Seraph of the End. My first impression is that it's a vampire version of Attack on Titan. The animation is ironically beautiful (even the death scenes o_O) compared to how grotesque Attack on Titan used to be.

    I think I cried enough from Your Lie in April and Death Parade, so I don't want to watch sad anime this season. Still watching Kuroko, and Uta no Prince-sama (though I have low hopes with how this is going to turn out this spring...) I watched the first episode of Shokugeki no Soma but it's been a long time since I've seen exaggerated fanservice from female characters so I might leave that one for now (the cooking plot does look interesting, though) I'm planning to watch Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade or whatever it's called) if it turns out to be an interesting action anime (I'm a teensy bit worried that it might be similar to Togainu no Chi, where the plot was horrible)
    = A lot of fun

    Well when you play as England you always end up having to kick Scottish and French arse, one way or another
    No I'm not. :p I'm always so late. >< you are truly awesome for putting up with me though. ^^

    And to continue apologizing, I am typing this kinda late at night and in pretty drowsy atm. So unfortunately I'll have to give you a better response in the morning. I just didn't want to leave ya hanging again .-.
    Its a (more or less) historical grand strategy game, and a hoot and a half. Nothing quite like putting an army of Frenchmen to flight with an arrow storm
    Not especially, I just hate programs that won't load without an internet connection and insist on updating all the time. Especially when I only want to play Medieval II
    Great! Did it work? Are you watching stuff for free now?

    They're 3d scare pants :mad: no no I'm Ace you're Flaze ;)

    So do I...so do I

    Yeah we do!!! Woo!

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