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  • Yeah, America has some really stupid ideas about what constitutes employment I guess

    Well I'm Toph, so yes.

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's all better now shhhhh

    oh yeah I should actually do that lol
    I don't know how they did it, but they did it. And it did look really uncomfortable. x.x

    Yup, for text and images.
    Quite. And yet we love it anyway~
    I'VE SEEN IT MAN some people can really make their eyes bug out.
    I just copypasta it from my smiley list. I think the little eye is a degree symbol.

    If they hold the berries they eat them right after they use rest. Got a bunch of somnambulists on your team.
    Hiya, dolce told me to vm you. She mentioned you talked to her on Skype a lot. :) Im online for a good few hours now, so anytime she is good to trade I'll be here.
    They certainly are here. Finding smart wear that actually fits is a damn nuisance for me. Apparently all clothes designers think that all men are built like Daniel fucking Craig
    I still can't do it automatically. It pisses me off that most ties are made under the assumption that you're at least six feet tall
    Easy, lift up your arms to shrug, then divert enough force to one of your eyes to make it bulge and appear bigger than the other. This is kid stuff Flaze come on

    Always. :p

    Hey if Pokémon can eat in their sleep then so can you!
    I guess I come into contact with it and it's changed enough to the point where it affects me.

    Keep some Chesto or Lum berries on your nightstand.
    Hard at work on Crossover Battle stuff. Writing with restrictions is hard :p I have to keep going back and double check if little things are consistent with canon, and I'm terrified of butchering other people's characters.

    How are you?
    Only vaguely

    Well, what I was thinking doing was re-writing part of the night scene as one perspective and finding a place for it in the Goldenrod arc
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