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  • Oh, well, in terms of different types of love I'm on firmer ground

    By the way, do you mind putting the date for the collab somewhere between Fri 20th and Fri 27th April? Perhaps on the 22nd, I think would make the most sense?
    Yes, in order to create my Martian master armada, we need glorious banners! Excellent idea!

    How To Make Arkadelphiak Cry In Eight Easy Steps
    Nice. I should put "Official Bannermaker of the Bulbagarden Forum's Writer's Workshop" on my resume. SpaceX will hire me on the spot.

    I have to study my ass off for a giant Engineering Physics I exam on the 16th that will determine if I keep my 4.0 or not.
    That would be fantastic. Though it would be very embarrassing if my fics emerged . . . BREAKING NEWS, DR. ARKADELPHIAK WROTE POKEMON FANFICTION DURING COLLEGE YEARS

    And now all the work commences! :(
    im currently doing my as levels ! government and politics, english language and literature, history, philosophy and ethics and critical thinking :>
    in all honesty very little ! studying and drawing a lot is pretty much it :"^) ive run a few rp groups and the suchlike but nothing too big. hbu ? :^0
    Even better - both!

    Ow wow what?! I can't believe they put him as an evil pirate that stole the krabby patty secret formula with a couple talking seagulls. I mean what? Seriously?

    So do I but I constantly got teased by white raven for spelling them wrong!

    Hey! That's what I was going to say! :p :eek: can you predict the future?

    I plan on doing a fair bit of writing/coordination for the next two battles. But in between the end of Arc Five mid-April and the resumption of regular updates you'll have a bridge chapter wrapping up Act I, an in-story one shot, and a standalone one-shot. So I'll still be updating about once a month with non-Crossover Battle and non-standard update stuff.
    Alright. Didn't do much. Got some candy mailed to me and relaxed, and that was basically it.

    ...and I started one-shot planning, I guess. Trying to get one out before awards to help hold over the content gap that will come between the end of Vaira updates and the restart for Act II.
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