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Recent content by Flaze

  1. Flaze

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    As someone who's been here since the chat started (I literally have first post) I can definetily say that...wow this thread's come a really long way. Well, time to burn it down lights a match
  2. Flaze

    TEEN: Dragony

    Guess Keith is one of those kids that root for the super villain. The image of a togetic riding a stoutland is so surreal to me that it just cracks me up. That being said, why does togetic have to ride a stoutland in the first place if it can fly? How does the glaceon pick and use the chalk...
  3. Flaze

    TEEN: Flying in the Dark [COMPLETE]

    It's honestly kind of funny how you got around the collar thing by making it part of its skin, though it does lead me to wonder what evolutionary purpose that would have. Markus comments that it's meant to signify how it's domesticated but there are Granbull in the wild after all. I think the...
  4. Flaze

    TEEN: some rise by sin

    Omg, Nara's actually being a decent human being for a change. Having an ambipom as a puppeteer is such a fitting take that I'm surprised I hadn't seen it before. Man, this forest is full of turds. Kodama is such a mood right now. What an interesting chapter, though it feels more like an...
  5. Flaze

    TEEN: Digimon Genesis (Non-Pokemon Fic)

    SUMMARY At this point they were bygone memories, simply beings that appeared and disappeared. Then, one chance encounter led Ernesto to the truth. Digimon were real, and something no one could expect was about to befall both worlds.- Original story that will combine elements from all mediums...
  6. Flaze

    GAME: genre gambles: new year, new you!

    Hit me, baby.
  7. Flaze

    TEEN: Flying in the Dark [COMPLETE]

    Dear diamond Merry Christmas. So ironically enough, I ended up being your secret Santa even though I’d already promised to read this story a long time ago. So hey, two birds with one stone. So, I’d actually read the first nine chapters of this a while back but I wasn’t able to read the last...
  8. Flaze

    OBSOLETE: Bulbagarden Reviewing Secret Santa 2018

    Well kind of late on this, sadly I couldn't do what I was planning but I'll go with this instead. Author Name: Flaze Primary Work: In The Streets of Lago. It only has two chapters so far but I'm hoping I can update it in the following days so that it'll at least have three chapters. Secondary...
  9. Flaze

    TEEN: In the Streets of Lago

    Boy...it sure has been a while. Admittedly a lot of things went on in my life that kept me from writing the chapter for a couple of months, then I didn't know how to write it. It's not that I don't' have the idea, cause I do. But writing it out was the tough part. Anyways, I know that chapter 1...
  10. Flaze

    TEEN: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light (Vol. 2)

    Boy, two weeks flew by didn't they? Chapter 2: Honestly, I have a few things to say about chapter 2, the main thing being that I didn't expect Gallian and his little gang to pop back up so suddenly, I mean it makes sense in retrospect since Sylveon and Eevee are the ones in danger, but I...
  11. Flaze

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    @Crystal I've been following every season of anime almost religiously for the past uh...4 years I think, I mean I don't watch everything but I always try to check out newer shows cause I feel like for as many great anime that exist a lot of them do fall by the wayside do to not having that...
  12. Flaze

    TEEN: some rise by sin

    Wow, it's April Fools already? But shitty jokes aside (especially since Pav already used that one sadly) of all the things for this week the last thing I expected was a srbs chapter, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. Admittedly the last chapter came out...shit, I think like last...
  13. Flaze

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I hope you know those are fighting words my friend.
  14. Flaze

    TEEN: guidance

    I feel like this sums up a good chunk of this chapter. She's resting Pixie Okay, seriously Pixie, you're starting to creep me out with your extreme racism here. I really loved this part because it encapsulate so much about Valentina and what's going on in the scene in just one paragraph...
  15. Flaze

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Watch it already, geez. You're makin gme wait :P