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  • Er... Hi, Floris! I remember a while back you posted in my old thread about imaginary Pokemon about ultra-realistic daydreaming, and though this might be a little awkward, I was wondering if you could sorta describe them. Is it like a book inside your head?
    Your page contains a lot of Rarity, LOL! My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, she's a real bada$$, but I can understand you like Rarity, with that creative artistic mind of hers. Luna doesn't even need an explanation...
    I was thinking no one liked my rarity avatar, since the friend acceptence toke so long to come in....I hope i'm wrong cuz she's my favorite pony i see nothing wrong with her i hope theres nothing wrong.


    Oh well. For now its Luna...happy halloween XD

    Yeah bronies RULE!!!!
    What can I say? I love my sig too! (LOL) I'm not really in a wi-fi groove thingy right now (not done wifi battles in a while), because I do playthroughs now, but even then, I try to use as much Pokémon that I like as possible!

    Your profile, it hurts us, we cannots sees for it blinds us!

    Okay, over it now. Anyway, your sig, I love it <3

    Wi-Fi Tournaments: For Professionals or Fun? - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums

    ^ My point exactly
    Hi Floris! I first saw you on my thread called "Pokémon as Imaginary Friends." So, I was wondering, would you like to trade sometime?
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