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Flower Firox
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Jul 16, 2018 at 5:15 PM
Dec 12, 2012
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Dec 13, 1985 (Age: 32)
Seattle WA
Grocery Store restocker

Flower Firox

I'm trying to rest, we can play later, 32, from Seattle WA

Getting ready for first blog update, nearing the Totem Pokemon Jun 24, 2018

Flower Firox was last seen:
Managing account details, Jul 16, 2018 at 5:15 PM
    1. Vulpix037
      Looks like you're now on Notable members for most likes.
    2. Flower Firox
      Flower Firox
      Will get my next blog update either Tuesday or Wednesday - I can't find my micro SD to SD adaptor, I can't take the photos out of my cell phone
    3. Flower Firox
      Flower Firox
      Getting ready for first blog update, nearing the Totem Pokemon
    4. Flower Firox
      Flower Firox
      can't wait for the World Cup 2026!! I can finally go to a game! time to start saving
    5. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Disney XD had Shown Zootopia This Past Night, so I Saw it again, and Zootopia REMAINS AMAZING AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    6. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Hey Well I'll just Leave Comments Here, with what I Said Back On Serebii. Have U Seen Deadpool 2 OR Solo? I've Seen Deadpool 2 like 3 Times Now, and I've Seen Solo 2 Times/Twice. :)
    7. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Whenever U the Chance Man, I Left U Something On Serebii to Show. :)
    8. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      I Like the Eevee's LOL. :)
    9. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Hey There. :)
    10. Darth Darkrai
    11. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Oh Ok :) When U have Time, U Wanna Talk Infinity Here Or Serebii?
    12. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Nice Avatar Now! :)
    13. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
    14. Flower Firox
      Flower Firox
      Yaay, *giggles* it’s Friday the 13th
    15. Flower Firox
      Flower Firox
      Plenty of April arts I'm still working on - will have couple done by time weekend ends, requests and gifts I'll work on first
    16. Vulpix037
      You might want to update your status :P
      1. Flower Firox
        Flower Firox
        I don't change it too often, which part
        Apr 13, 2018
        Vulpix037 likes this.
      2. Vulpix037
        All of it :P
        Apr 13, 2018
      3. Flower Firox
        Flower Firox
        not sure what to change, all still accurate about me
        Apr 13, 2018
        Vulpix037 likes this.
    17. Flower Firox
      Flower Firox
      can't wait for the silly reaction this Sunday
    18. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
    19. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Ok, I'm Gonna Leave the Announcement Here, we'll Decided Eventually On where we'll Talk, we can Split Our Time Here and Serebii if need be, but Here is the Mini Teaser Annoucment for the Trailer Today! :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g6wEGoZKIs
    20. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      FOUND U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DID WORK!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Dec 13, 1985 (Age: 32)
    Seattle WA
    Grocery Store restocker
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation VI (3DS)
    Favorite Generation 1 Pokémon:
    Flareon / Booster
    Favorite Generation 2 Pokémon:
    Espeon / Eifie
    Favorite Generation 3 Pokémon:
    Delcatty / Enekororo
    Favorite Generation 4 Pokémon:
    Leafeon / Leafia
    Favorite Generation 5 Pokémon:
    Liepard / Lepardas
    Favorite Generation 6 Pokémon:
    Sylveon / Nymphia
    Favorite Generation 7 Pokémon:
    Torracat / Nyaheat
    Favorite Mega Evolution:
    Mega Lucario
    Favorite Alolan Form:
    Alolan Ninetales
    Favorite Region:
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Laverre City Fairy Badge
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code:
    Discord Username:
    Greeting for visitors!! You can also leave me a visitor message!!

    PokeFan since generation 1! started with the anime - didn't played the games until gen 3 -
    I like my Pokemon based on their real life species.
    Favorites over Popular.

    All of my favorite Pokemon are based on my favorite animals,
    First are Foxes, Felines, Mustelids
    after that: Meerkats, Squirrels, Skunks, Raccoons, Arachnids, rest of the canines - also starting to like bears and certain birds

    I speak English and Spanish - want to learn Latvian
    Es gribu iemācīties latviešu valodu

    Aside from Pokemon - I also like Beavis & Butthead, South Beach Tow, Hardcore Pawn, World's Dumbest, and any cartoon featuring my favorite animals

    Music - I listen to Hard Rock, Grunge, and Metal.
    Fav. bands: Skyforger, Ugniavijas, Metsatoll


    avatar British-Starr - thanks RC for the great banner - My Art Topic
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