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Recent content by Flynn

  1. Flynn

    Obscure Pokémon anime trivia

    So is that the reason why seasons 9 and 10 uses a lot of 4Kids music?
  2. Flynn

    Obscure Pokémon anime trivia

    When 4Kids brought over the Celebi movie they commissioned OLM to add scenes to further drive the point that Sammy = Professor Oak among other things. What a lot of people don't know is the 4Kids version was back-dubbed into Japanese and aired as a special edition of the Celebi movie back in...
  3. Flynn

    Underused Pokémon in the anime

    Klang hasn't even been in an actual episode of the main series; its only appeared in a movie and that Genesect special.
  4. Flynn

    What's your favorite and least favorite Pokemon anime series

    DP > AG > OS > SM > XY > BW
  5. Flynn

    Review JN014: First in the Isshu Region! The Raid Battle at the Ruins!!

    I'm kinda disappointed at how generic the city in this episode looks compared to how the Unovan cities were typically drawn in BW. It just doesn't feel like they're in the Unova region. Episode was enjoyable otherwise. It's hard to make a bad ruins exploration episode. I also noticed there were...
  6. Flynn

    Preview JN014: First in the Isshu Region! The Raid Battle at the Ruins!!

    Nice to see Natsume back after an almost 3 year absence.
  7. Flynn

    Rocket Gachat: Good or Bad?

    The sequence of Pelliper dropping the Gachat -> Jessie and James putting Meowth's koban in the slot -> the Gachaballs coming out of the Gachat -> J&J sending out the pokemon -> both pokemon getting a still shot as they're identified drags on far too long for my liking. It really brings down what...
  8. Flynn

    Preview M23: Koko

    So I guess this movie is why Tomioka has been MIA from PM 2019 so far.
  9. Flynn

    Worst Error In The Pokémon anime

    In All That Glitters! Ash reflects on his past Johto gym battles and says, "If it wasn't for me and my pokemon working as a team, we never would've won those badges. I wouldn'ta won anything without Charizard... and Pidgeotto... and Scyther... and Cyndaquil." Multiple embarrassing mistakes by...
  10. Flynn

    Review JN006: Catch a Lot of Pokémon! The Path to Mew!!

    Your instincts are correct as Shimura was also an animation directer on this episode. Took me by surprise since she wasn't on the early staff lists for this episode iirc.
  11. Flynn

    Preview M23: Koko

    Premieres July 10th.
  12. Flynn

    So just how long do we have to handle Yuki Hayashi's trash composition for?

    Until the end of the series at least. I'm not a huge fan of the music, but I'm slowly warming up to it. I thought the most recent episode had the best score so far.
  13. Flynn

    Review JN003: Fushigisou, Isn't it Mysterious?

    I'm not a fan of the Rocket motto animation. It feels way too random, like they took different motto animations and spliced it together like they frequently did back in AG and DP. The Kalos and Alola mottos felt a lot more uniform and this doesn't. I really hope this isn't what we see for the...
  14. Flynn

    Remember when we thought 4Kids butchered the Pokemon anime?

    I still think that.