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  • lol i only use it for trolling but was browsing PBR battles & found one of mine so i searched for more - hopefully my newer ones will crop up! i never log on though - i'm far too unsociable...
    lol i only use gimmick teams so i lose quite a bit - i'm training a black team (snorlax / houndoom / seviper / claydol / honchkrow / dusknoir) & a white team (zangoose / absol / pachirisu / togekiss / gallade / frosslass) right now - they should be okay
    one's a boy both are boys so that's cool - midday my time i'm in work & i don't know what time zone you're in so probably best we stick to the weekend
    i've got a modest one (+SpA/-Atk) & a hasty one (+Spe/-Def) ready - i'll trade both over next weekend

    let me know which one you want nicknaming (Magus) & which one you want to leave without a nickname (so you can trade it to someone else) i'd recommend using the hasty one for a mixed attacker or the modest one for a special attacker but it's up to you dude - you could always think of another nickname & i'll name both

    as for the items - they were an absolute pain to hatch & the 2 items i need the most at present are a Life Orb & an Expert Belt - if you've got them i'd be more than happy!
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