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Foxy Veez
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  • not going to give away the specifics, a few other drawings i been working on:
    * a few with my Flareon named Firox watching Family Feud on his tablet
    * an Eevee dressed up as a clown
    * Grace Glaceon encountering a painful moment (happy wagging tails can be hard to control - so...
    wagging tail +metal lamp post = aching bruise

    a few more, don't want to give all away
    a drawing i been working on - to practice other Pokemon
    hopefully catch @Ghost girl and @EternalPokéFanGirl attention
    its my Eevee (likely name of Dennis, the curious one) traveling on Arval (male Umbreon) - they encounter the three Kanto ghosts... instead of being afraid, it's more curious on what they are

    something strange happened not too long ago in my home
    10mins from time of this post - sounded like something knocked on the door, three times, when I went to look, no one at the door - similar when I walked to the kitchen for some hot water, some thing knocked on the window, no one there
    likely my third paranormal encounter in Seattle.
    What were the other encounters?
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    in March 12, 2014 my grandma passed away from a heart attack - 3 months later, in June 12, her dog passed away, first encounter was when i heard my grandma's whistling the same she did when she called her dog.... when i went t look, her dog had passed away - my grandma's spirit probably came back for her dog

    about a year ago, when I was in my room playing a game, my door was locked, suddenly the door flew open, i could feel the wind pushing the door open
    strangest part, no wind that day, all windows and doors closed
    my room door could only be opened by turning the door knob, but my room was locked, no way it could be someone since I didn't hear the door knob turn
    it just flew open on it's own
    Oh, all that is very spooky :eek:.
    want to reply in Spanish - forums are in English language... don't want us to get in trouble

    I like them, I'm from Venezuela, do you know people from Venezuela?, I ask because I don't think polvorosas are very well known in the USA, or are they?. And it's impressive that you know many languages by the way :giggle:.

    Music in Spanish.
    I can't find them anywhere in Pacific Northwest where I live
    when I lived in Los Angeles with my abuelita, she had a friend from Caracas, made them once in a while, I was too small back then

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    How cool! I wish you luck finding the polvorosas, here in Venezuela it's very easy to find them. Nice drawing, I'm going to comment in Deviantart, I have an account there too :giggle:.
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    (will reply to messages after my work day, where I am)
    I'm not religious at all, trying to draw a hijab is so hard, much harder than it looks. One of the 'geography Eevees' I'm drawing wears one.... attempting to draw them so hard, especially for a Leafeon.
    I won't give up.
    my recent stomach illness, feeling better, still have a sore throat
    did slept so much - didn't eat anything did have lots of water, until now I'm starting to have some rice, small quantities
    Oof. I know how that feels. Back in February of last year i think, I had issues myself. Had to go to the hospital.
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    hopefully it was nothing bad, i had it before, by now just a slight stomach ache
    not sure if it was from vomiting, or actually feeling hungry
    a bit of headache from the symptoms
    Are you okay?

    I tell you about what Pebbles has been doing. Being affectionate and coming upstairs with me.
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    I think i had something bad to eat - by now getting slightly better
    over 12 hours with the foodborne illness, so far only had water all day
    at least my cats kept me cozy, one was worried, slept on me groomed my beard
    Nice that your cats cared for you.
    Hopefully all having a good day

    I'm going to have a slightly worst day, I woke up feeling sick (stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea have, some dizziness) - had to miss out on work
    Would you like to use G-Max Eevee in SWSH one day?
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    like with most gimmicks - I'll probably try it once, but likely never use it in normal game play
    most gimmicks i seen use in online battles, not something I do anymore
    another annoying error - seem to happen at random times, this time its the 520,
    just a simple refresh it went away... just sharing the screenshot

    in case it helps anyone
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