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Foxy Veez
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  • getting one of my drawings going, as in trying to color it, first doing the outline
    adding in details before coloring them
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    @prog rocker - got the guitars going, at least outlined, before coloring in, trying to get details in
    I"m not an expert at drawing, hoping they look alright
    prog rocker
    prog rocker
    They look nice. And familiar.
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    another update - work does slow me down on drawing
    almost done with the drum set before drawing in Torracat - just need the left support for the cymbal
    @prog rocker - might not be an expert, but at least having fun, aside from work slowdown, those drums took me days to try to get good looking, how is it so far? - well when you get a chance to see it
    to be fully honest - the most annoying part of the entire Ultra Moon experience is....

    the super annoying Rotom Dex - seems like every 10 steps its giving annoying advice, every 20 steps wants to do the annoying Rotom-Lottery, I wish it could be turned off
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    I found Rotom Dex to be charming and sweet, but I can see how it would get super annoying after an hour or two of it. I don't know if you've played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but the way you describe your experience of the Rotom Dex reminds me of mine with Fi. I feel you!
    I liked the Rotom Dex better in Sun and Moon, where it was cute but not too distracting. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon they made it talk too much. Being able to have conversations with it is quite fun, but the "advice you didn't ask for" is just awful. And the Roto Loto, while useful, annoyed me a bit because I felt compelled to do it every time Rotom's eyes flashed, which distracted me from whatever else I was doing in the game.
    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    same with me, Sun and Moon wasn't annoying, I enjoyed it too
    do agree, so annoying in USUM, Roto Loto I never used, seems every few steps its wanting to do another
    I really dislike the sad eyes it made, reason I went through the entire 'roto loto' thing
    Finally finished the team I was playing in Ultra Moon
    where I picked 6 Pokemon I had in my hated side
    what I think of it?
    two Pokemon evolutions didn't changed for me - still remain in my hates
    two Pokemon I moved away from hates, are now in my loves, very surprising for me
    two are a bit harder to tell

    • Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk - very surprised for me, did so well in the team, relied on them a lot, in a way, made me love poison type even more, I know I'll use one in a 'poison-type' team - even if it's based on 'inanimate object' and 'non animal', can get over the design, moved it from 'hates' to 'loves'
    • Mawile - even if a bit too humanoid, really impressed me, to the point where I loved using him, helped out in such tight spots, really good move pool - second that I moved from 'hates' to 'love'

    the next two are kind of 'in between' since did like how well they did in the team, much better than I expected, still dislike their design
    • Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt - yes, I still dislike the bug typing... kind of hard to tell, did love how well it did, variety of attacks, fast speed, might have been lucky, didn't even need the Quick Claw and how quickly most times it out sped opponents, and many times survived with almost no health when I thought it was going to faint - haven't decided to whether keep it in hates for 'bug typing' or move it higher to favorites on how well it did
    • Trapinch, Vibrava, and Flygon- similar to Vikavolt, dislike any Pokemon that look like bugs, but surprise how well it did, almost took down two of the four Elite 4 members by itself, many times with its ability - again similar to Vikavolt, haven't decided to whether keep it in hates for 'bug-look alike' or move it higher to favorites on how well it did

    the two evolutions, even if I gave it a try, it didn't impress me, will keep in hates
    • Torchic, Combusken, and Blaziken - gave it a try, did good at times, but still didn't seem to do as good as I thought, even lost very quickly to Totem Lurantis
    • Staryu, and Starmie - aside from the ugly design to me, gave it a chance, surprised on the wrong side how slow it leveled up , how quickly it lost to Kiawe
    harder to learn another language when I don't know anyone that speaks it, so almost impossible to improve
    if I could, Turkish is that language for now
    after discovering a Turkish band (Mekanik, Thrash Metal) and trying out Turkish food (lahmacun) and watching Turkish movie (Kötü Kedi Şerafettin) and even bought a Turkey football jersey - falling in love with the Turkish culture
    just making it to Konikoni City in the team I'm playing in Ultra Moon - picking 6 Pokemon I had considered 'Disliked" or as other call it "hated" - picked them with varying types, at least two with surprising results for me, will likely move them out of 'hates' into 'likes'

    team itself:
    • 31 - Alolan Grimer - F - FIva - took me a while, after a giving it a try, starting to like the design, so far been having such a great time with it, surprising me how well it does in teams
    • 31 - Mawile - M - Florin - another one that took me a while to like, after Mawile a chance, been liking more than before, even surprising me how well it's doing
    • 30 - Vikavolt - M - Froy - did send it to my completed Sun team to make it evolve since Poni island is too far away, so far been impressing me, even if the design not much for my liking
    • 31 - Trapinch - M - Boris - not much change on my opinion of it, other close to evolving, hasn't really impressed me yet on a team
    • 31 - Combusken - M - Joseph - not much change either, still in dislikes, even had trouble with the grass Totem Pokemon, guess it won't be in my likes anytime soon
    • 28 - Starmie - ? - Misty - the only one I still very dislike, so slow leveling up, couldn't take down the totem Marowak, lost in one hit, it won't go anywhere in favorite anytime soon, been wanting to replace it with another water type, I did promise myself to give it a chance, doing well for me
    after trying out some Pokemon I never give a chance too.... so far none have evolved, but been having 'fun' giving all an equal chance
    • Alolan Grimer looks and feels weird in Pokemon refresh, makes me laugh, so fr out of the 6 the one I'm enjoying the most, and using a lot
    • surprised how well Mawile is doing, still not like its design much, so far having good time
    • three are still a bit meh, maybe since I'm still to early in the game, not much close attachment to them, might change as I progress through the game and give them an equal chance, they are Grubbin, Trapinch, and Torchic
    • so far Staryu continues to disappoint me, seems to be slow level up, hopefully goes up higher as I progress through the game

    playing it in Ultra Moon - so far barely finished the Pokemon School area, so haven't even entered Hau'oli City yet
    hope everyone safe out there - in Seattle, not just the covid 19 - we also have protest and riots in the main center of the city, will stay out, no use in getting in trouble
    almost finished with my Electric Team, mainly need the last portion of Poni Island, and the Elite 4 / Champion too

    already decided on the next team, will be on played on Ultra Moon
    • Torhic / Combusken / Blaziken - Fire / Fighting
    • Mawile - Steel / Fairy
    • Grubbin / Charjabug / Vikavolt - Bug / Electric
    • Staryu / Starmie - Water / Psychic
    • Trapinch / Vibrava / Flygon - Ground /Dragon
    • Alola Grimer / Alola Muk - Poison / Dark

    first team where I don't use an Eeveelution, or a feline... or any of my top favorites
    tried to make it so none share types
    about 2/3ds done with my Electric type team in Ultra Moon - just need the Aether Foundation, second trip, Poni Island and the E4 and champion
    then I'll transfer them over to my completed Pokemon Sun team

    next team that came to mind: 6 Pokemon I rate 2 or lower that I haven't given a chance before, including my least favorite starter, still haven't decided which Pokemon (starter I know will be... can't believe even typing it's name.... Torchic)
    not on my 6 picked Pokemon, but do have a silly drawing planned for another Pokemon I don't like, something funny that came to mind

    for now will say: it will involve a Mawile, as well as Espeon and Eevee, maybe an Umbreon not yet decided
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    Foxy Veez
    Foxy Veez
    Not using Umbreon in drawing
    Did promise another friend of mine, I'd feature them instead, it's sona is an Eevee bigger and lighter in color
    at least having fun with an electric type team
    includes: Jolteon, Luxray, Alolan Raichu, Manectric, Heliolisk, and Lanturn
    so far still early in the game, still have Luxio, Pikachu, Electrike, Helioptile, and Chinchou, they haven't evolved yet
    already though to fmy first drawing, and even working on it
    Masquerain drawing will also feature my Espeon, Jyo, and two or three Eevees
    Jyo will be bothering the Masquerain (kind of my dislike towards bugs), as the Eevees will be watching below "great example Jyo" or "let it alone silly Jyo, it did nothing to you"
    might try something a bit different with my drawings
    I know some will give me trouble

    except for the newer 8th gen Pokemon, a few missing Pokemon (mainly legendaries and mythicals) from earlier gens, do have just about a basic TCG card of every other Pokemon -

    I'll randomly pick 6 cards from my pile and will attempt to draw them, no matter if I like the Pokemon or not
    I set all the cards in a large bag and toss them around, I grabs two, and toss again to mix them, grab six cards those will be the six Pokemon I'll attempt to draw
    not draw alone, might include some of my OC Eeveelutions on the drawings too

    first six I haven't drawn that I grab include: Masquerain,Simipour, Emboar, Bronzor, Oricorio, Fletchinder
    to not get myself confused, going to set the ones I drawn in a different location
    a dreawing I been working on, nearly finished, is a Mother's Day inspired drawing

    top left - the two girl Vee-kits - Mia and Leah getting mother awake - Mia shaking tail, and Leah just hugging and nibbling
    top right - the four boy Vee kits - left to right Kevin, Matt, Tony and Enis shaking and tapping mother's front right paw

    main image: Linette Leafeon, waking to a fun surprise - three next to her right are giving her peanut butter cookies, Tony on the far right giving her a who plate of cookies, likely Leah playing with the leafy tail, sets the cookie to the side
    Mia on the far left giving mother a nice big jar of peanut butter - Linette loves peanut butter
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