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  • Sorry that I haven't been online in a while. Things got very hectic at work, being holidays in all. :saiyan:

    I'm so excited for Pokemon X & Y! :ksmile:

    That's good. I hope he likes the Slim when he gets it. :bounce:

    PSP has good games just not as much as the DS.:mallet:

    I saw the Hobbit over the weekend. I love it! :thumbup:
    It's a great anime movie. 5/5 from me. :ksmile:

    Thanks. :sweatlol: My old 360 broke so I needed a replacement. The Slim is much better than my old one...quieter too. :mallet:

    True! The closest one I can think of is Sony but even then I still prefer Nintendo over Sony because of better game library. I still like the PSP though. :bounce:

    Cool. I saw: a Maison Ikkoku OVA, All 6 Urusei Yatsura movies, Inuyasha- The Final Act and Ranma 1/2: Movie 2. ;-)
    Totally agree. :bounce:

    "time waits for no one." Funny that phrase reminds of the anime film, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. :thumbup:

    Sounds neat. I got an Xbox 360 slim w/ 2 games on Black Friday. ;-)

    The GBA has a lot of great games to choose from. Nintendo does a great job w/ their portables. :ksmile:

    What animes did you watch?
    Sounds neat. I heard sociology is also very fun. ;-)

    Agreed. Too bad some people don't think like we do. It very sad when some people can't respect others opinions. :-(

    Time is never on our side. :sweatlol:

    Return to Dream Land sounds exciting. :bounce:

    Thanks. They're all fun games. :ksmile:

    I saw really good anime movies over the weekend.:thumbup:
    I've never taken a philosophy class but want to. :bounce:

    One of my friends doesn't like anime but hey we all have our own opinions. ;-)

    That one of many advantages of recent technology. You can watch all the episodes of a TV series in one sitting (provided you have time that is). :mallet:

    Once I finish Kirby's Epic Yarn, I'll play Kirby's Return to Dream Land next. :ksmile:

    For GBA I got as gifts: Zelda- Link to the Past/Four Swords, Drill Dozer, and Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls. :thumbup:
    No problem, just doing the guy a favor. :) But I'll send the PM with his information in a minute.
    Well this is awkward thing to ask but Steelrush asked me to give all his contact info to his friends. So are you still interested in talking with him or no?
    True! :sweatlol:

    I didn't have work so decided to watch them. I love anime! ;-)

    Not recently. There's isn't anything on that I'm interested plus I don't have cable. :ksmile:

    It's a wonderful Kirby game except that it's too easy. I still recommend it though. :bounce:

    I got a GBA game today. :lick:
    I totally agree! :sweatlol:

    I already watched them all over the weekend. :mallet:

    Especially if it's a series you enjoy. :ksmile:

    I got Kirby's Epic Yarn. :bounce:
    Well I guess it depends on your teacher. ^^;

    Lets see: Gundam 00 the Movie, Ninja Scroll, Slayers: The Motion Pic, and Ranma 1/2: Movie 1. :D

    That sounds interesting. :)
    I'm taking Calculus which is 10 times worse than precalc. XD

    I'm doing good. I got some anime DVDs last week. :)
    That reminds me when Wind Waker first came out. XD

    The Galaxy phones look so much better than the iPhones. :)

    It's definitely worth seeing. :D

    It looks so cute. ^^
    Cool. I'll check Zelda- TP out. :D

    Samsung Galaxy 3 looks sweet! Wish I could afford it. XD

    I saw Dark Knight Rises. I like it. :)

    Japan will be getting a Pikachu-themed 3DS XL. I hope it comes out in NA. ^^
    Well how's Twilight Princess?

    Looks like I'll have to hang on to my dumb phone. XD

    I enjoyed the first Dark Knight so I have high hopes for this one. :)
    I'm really tempted to play Zelda: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. :D

    Especially smart phone planes. :(

    Me either but I'll watch them if they get really good reviews. I want to see Dark Knight Rises. :)
    I feel your pain. I had to take Precalac II over the summer. Not fun. :( At least I got a B in it. :)

    Did you like the GC titles?

    I ended up not getting one. The plans are too expensive. D:

    I saw The Avengers. :)
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    I'm not sure, I saw this on yahoo answers, but I wouldn't say it's correct...

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