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  • Yeah, makes sense. I can't justify buying a Wii just for PBR, but you probably already have a Wii?
    Ahh, I thought you were going to since you had made some very impressive stuff. My problem is that when you breed the old fashioned way, you can't really plan out a team because by the time you finish, your team is outdated.

    PBR does sound like fun, you never know who or what you'll be up against. Sometimes facing things you'd never expect can be more challenging than bog standards.
    haha, that's an interesting point. The workload for getting something to use is pretty high, especially if you aren't RNG'ing. Unfortunately for me, I've been catching and breeding Pokemon with good DVs/IVs since Gen I so I can't exactly stop thinking about it :(

    Do you Wi-Fi battle at all?
    Oh, that's understandable. When you are able to RNG everything I suppose it does get kind of blase. If you're me, you're always hatching and hatching and hatching :p
    Thanks for the offer, but I won't bother you unless you need some IV battles yourself! I don't have anything too exciting to check :p
    Could you help me Transfer some pokemon from Diamond to Plat?

    BTW do you have a Flawless Adamant or Carefull Ditto?
    To tell you the truth, the reason I'm trying to learn how to RNG is because I was planning to get the perfect Latios/Latias in HG/SS(under the condition that Nintendo gives out the Enigma Crystal), but if you can't control the frame advances...well, I'll have to SR then..
    I was quite discouraged after all the fails, so I stopped for a few weeks, but today I saw your projects in your sig and I was like "dang, I have to master RNGing, it's so cool". So here I [email protected]@
    hey, sorry i haven't picked up my shiny, my internet has been broken for a little over two weeks. i'm going away until monday so i wouldn't be able to trade until then :( i understand if you want to give it to someone else as i haven't collected it, but could you let me know if it's still available on monday? thanks, and sorry i haven't been around :(
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