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  • Phew, I'm glad it worked. 8D My game said "returning Sceptile to Tricky", so that means the ID/SID worked! Thanks very much for the shiny Trapinch! x3 I hope you and Sceptile have fun in your game!
    Ok, I get it! (Sorry, I haven't ever left my country! :p) Thanks, I'll start tonight. I have something I gotta do. :)
    Dude! You're scaring me! :p But sure, I'll get right on it. I'm gonna try something new, ok? And I'll have your name and FC in it. :)
    Actually, hold that thought. :| FAMILY EVENTS YAY. We'll be gone most of the day starting at like 9AMish, but as soon as I'm home, like maybe 3-4PM my time, we can trade. D8;
    All right, so good news is that I might, MIGHT, be able to trade today! I'm leeching off of a neighbor's wi-fi, but I'm betting they left it open on purpose for their own uses. >w>; I managed to spend an entire night GTSing, so hopefully I can trade directly with people too. My DSi is charging right now, but when I'm ready to trade later today (like 8-9AM my time), we'll give it a shot. oAo
    Sorry to keep you waiting so much. 8D; I truly hope to make trading today, since I know you're eager for your Treecko.
    Don't worry, you can bug me to death. I don't really care 'cause I'm usually bored anyway.
    What happened to your signature? Lemme guess, I got you an infraction, didn't I.
    Yep, he can be "nicknamed" Sceptile so that when he's fully evolved, it'll look like what his name would look like in BW.

    And sure, what level should he be at?
    Ooh, did you? 8D Awesome! Yes, let's do that. Your trainer's name, ID, and Secret ID! I still have your Treecko's .pkm file saved, so changes will be easy to make.

    Also, did you want a nickname for him? D: Or should his name be in all caps, or all lowercase?
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