• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.
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  • I haven't been doing much, I usually just chill here all day. And you said you have your own forums?
    Hi! It's great that you actually put the effort into reading all of Rival's Story, given how long it is! I'm really glad you liked it!

    I've just started publishing a new fic, called Dragon Days, it's the story of Lance, set in the same universe as Rival's Story, which means
    It's the same here for the most part D: Tbh it scares me at times. "What if I make the wrong choices? What if I don't figure out what I want to do by the time school is over?" All big 'What if's. I'm sure once I reach that point I'll be fine, but right now thinking of the future can be a wee bit unsettling =/

    Do you enjoy your current job at all?
    The best of luck to you in your future endeavors then :D

    As for myself, I'm not sure. I'm interested in psychology and criminal justice, but Idk if I would consider making a career in either field just yet.
    Oh, so it's not your career or calling at all? I consider being a cashier a job as well. It provides me with cash, but I wouldn't want to do it for the rest of my life, it's not very fulfilling. Still, props to you for getting so far in such a short amount of time :thumbup:

    Not downplaying the role of cashiers at all. Prior to taking this job I never thought about how much stuff they have to do/know about. Just saying that it isn't exactly brain surgery or rocket science to be one.
    :O You're already so accomplished! All I do is cashier -_-

    Very subtle there :p

    Everytime I see your name now I want to eat some cereal lol.
    Is that his nickname? xD

    =O Wasn't aware you were working. What do you do, if you don't mind sharing?

    Also LoZ avi!
    I shall do so indefinitely. Lol did you sweep the Elite 4 with him/her?

    Thanks =) Kumo made it for me <3

    Pretty good overall. Yourself?
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