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  • Uh, did you change your name or something? Because I have completely forgotten who you are.
    =O Same, except I prefer Jolteon to Leafeon (with Volt Absorb it's really only weak to ground attacks.)

    1. Jolteon
    2. Espeon
    3. Vaporeon
    4. Leafeon
    5. Umbreon
    6. Flareon
    7. Eevee
    8. Glaceon
    And R.I.P Derrial Book =(

    There was a rumor that he use to be an Operative before becoming a Shepard
    =O Wow. I love the little rat, but not so much to make it a member of my party. Only time I ever did that was in Yellow. Did have a Raichu a few times though.
    Tough call. I'd say it's a tie between Wargle and Ononokusu don't care if they're both overrated :p, but I also like these Mons and all of their prevos:
    These are just the Mons I'm considering for my team (minus the ubers.) I think loads more look cute/badass (such as Bachura/Denchura. Just learned today that Bachura is 10cm long. Thing is freakin' adorable
    Good eye there.
    Are they now? I had no idea (I thought they made Yanappu originally because someone was hungry and wanted some Broccoli. Same thing for the new Ice Cream Mon)
    Yup. With enough attack stat, plus a good nature, it could probably even beat a Houndoom.
    Yessss You're avatar is darling Blanket Bug Kurumayu!
    I like sceptile because he has high speed, and does fairly in battle. Plus he learns Dragon Claw.
    Although I think a SwordsDance Leafeon could see itself in Competitive battle too. ;)
    My favorite type is actually Dark, BTW.
    Grass' design=win.
    Grass' moves/stats=fail.
    Why does GF hate Grass types so much? T.T
    Isn't it obvious? I do too! I screamed when they first leaked Kurumiru. Deep inside I'm a real grass-fan, but since they are uh, not that strong in battle (no offense, seeing as you're a hard core Grass fan.), I usually do not show my love for Pokémon of that type. My favorites include Carnivine, Victreebel and Cacturne.
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