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  • YO Froakie!

    Representing Myself, I wish you a happy birthday

    And, you should give me that B-Cake. JK :D
    It's definitely fine, I've been looking for more friends on there too!

    As far as games that have a big online part to them, I've got Smash Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Honestly I've mainly just been playing Splatoon, it's great. ^^
    Continuing this here rather than the mafia thread:

    but it got deleted as I was on mobile so it put me off typing it out again :(
    Do you use Tapatalk or the proper forum software when on mobile? If you use the proper forum software, it'll autosave every few minutes, allowing you to retrieve it if it broke :)
    I don't... just the normal site, thanks for the tip! :D
    I don't know about the mobile skin but on the normal site you should see a "restore autosaved content" button when there is autosaved post for you to restore. I hope that tip helps avoid losing a big post again :)
    I'm back as Zeb now, so that mean you gotta go back to bubblewrap!
    It's from a game I've been playing lately :O

    I will go back to Zeb eventually I always do
    Hah, can definitely understand that. I'd like to do a course in music business, in line of like the management of artists. And I'm also doing a bit of music production on the side. And what are you studying? I think the last time we talked you had just been accepted into uni.

    Yeah that's strange! My generation over here have continued their interest, I know a lot of people that play it occasionally. None are proper fans anymore like I still am though. Ha, I think you kept it fairly safe at least. That's definitely the hard thing you learn growing up, seeing everything held online. I'm so thankful that image websites eventually delete your pictures hahah!
    Tbh it's still young. But I can imagine that it feels old. Oh cool! I'm in my final year of high school, I took last year off to work and sort things out so hopefully uni next year for me too. So the interest has perked up a bit now?

    I'm playing the new Sapphire at the moment, I tried when it came out but stopped before the halfway point. I made a new friend who likes pokemon and I think he's re-sparked my interest :') hopefully I'll hang around for a bit. I'm curious to see what the forum is actually like compared to how I perceived it back then. I cringe when I think about how I used to act on here haha
    If I'm an adult now then you must be old too. Ah when did you last leave? I thought there would be nobody that I know here anymore but everyone I've found so far has been on recently.

    I guess that's a "long" for each year :p I've been a mixed bag, but this year is good. I'm happy with how life is turning out. How about you? Do you play pokemon at all?
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