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Recent content by froakiefroak

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    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    Another thing; thanks for these recent Mewtwo Mondays articles. The first three Pokemon movies have so much meaning to me and finding out more and more about them is always welcome and interesting to me. I'm excited for the Lugia (Movie 2000) articles upcoming and hopefully you'll do some for...
  2. F

    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    Does anyone happen to have a link to watch this trailer mentioned here? - Mewtwo Strikes Back - The First Trailer
  3. F

    Ash's 'disciples'

    Max if I had to guess.
  4. F

    Most annoying gag

    Team Rocket as a whole is incredibly annoying, not just them blasting off.
  5. F

    Worst Way Ash Has Lost The Pokemon League?

    How about just the fact that he has lost so many times after all this time?
  6. F

    Why is the PokemonTV app so wildly inconsistent?

    I was skimming through the video earlier this afternoon and noticed it was textless too. I also noticed that it was widescreen and was gonna comment on it on here but wasn't aware there was a somewhat dedicated Pokemon TV thread. Hope for future DVD/BD release? I doubt it but I do hope...
  7. F

    XY and animation quality

    It looks the best out of any season so far to me.
  8. F

    Preview XYS04: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act IV~

    Did Cartoon Network even air the second act? I know they did the first one a long time ago (or it feels like) but I can't remember seeing the second one dubbed.
  9. F

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Liberty City Stories for the PSP. Bought the PSP used at a HPB location over the weekend during a 20% off sale because I had been dying for a chance to play any GTA game again. I used to have Liberty City in middle school but my PSP broke, so here I am today.
  10. F

    Three new Pokémon Nintendo 3DS themes released in Japan: Feature Shuffle, Eeveelution

    Re: Three new Pokémon Nintendo 3DS themes released in Japan: Feature Shuffle, Eeveelu I'll be getting the Charizard one for sure. Neat that the Charizard amiibo releases on Friday too. Coincidence?
  11. F

    Will it Ever End?

    It was especially disappointing because the B&W episodes very rarely made it onto the list and then once X/Y started it was on nearly every week with pretty nice ratings.. until Yokai Watch. The ratings aren't "bad" but they aren't what they were towards the beginning.
  12. F

    Will it Ever End?

    It used to be on the Top 10 list via ratings in Japan every week until that Yokai Watch show came about. I check the ratings weekly on ANN.
  13. F

    Will it Ever End?

    I'm interested in it but look how huge it is in Japan, I mean really big.
  14. F

    If Ash got a Key Stone...

    Mega Hat.
  15. F

    Will it Ever End?

    I don't really see Pikachu lasting another 10 years honestly. This new Yokai Watch show/game is serious competition for Pokemon in Japan and soon in the U.S.