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Recent content by Fujioka

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    Are Ash’s Traveling Companions under Pressure?

    I would say May since everyone expected her to be a trainer and be like her dad when that's not what she wanted to do. If I were May though I probably would have told my parents that I wasn't interested in collecting badges but I think she probably didn't want to disappoint them. I would...
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    Who's return did you like best: Misty's, May's, or Dawn's?

    May because we actually learned about her Johto contests and how Max and her rivals were doing. She even got new pokemon and evolutions and she gave Dawn advice on her contests. NextI would probably say Misty since her Togepi finally evolved and she got new pokemon as well, mainly Azurill. Last...
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    Do you like the way the anime portrayed N/Team Plasma?

    That sucks. That was one of the key things about his characters in the games. I really wish they kept that in the anime.
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    Why didn't they use Team Rocket's Unova motto music more often?

    I like that motto music more than the DP one too. I guess it was because they felt that the new one was too serious and because they changed up their motto and went back to the old one later on.
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    Do you like the way the anime portrayed N/Team Plasma?

    From what I've seen so far I think they're handling it pretty well. One thing I think would be really cool is if they had a few old Plasma grunts (the ones from the first games and the ones who support N in the sequels) stick around and help N out too, but I guess they felt that his sisters was...
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    Are the Eeveelutions overrated?

    I think that they are definitely overrated in fanfics. I find that for mostly every Pokemon OC I come across they have some type of Eeveelution of their team or even several of them. Umbreon and Espeon are the most common I see. And sometimes you have OC's with a team of all Eeveelutions.
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    Why was Team Rocket changed so much in the dub?

    If Team Rocket goes back to talking the way they did in DP then I'll probably give up on the dub. Dub Team Rocket aren't even much of a "team" because they're always inslting each other while saying things in the most annoying and lame ways.
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    Does it bug you that Ash has never battled an evil boss yet?

    I honestly don't think that Ash by himself could take down a boss. Maybe if Alder or someone helps him out then I could see it happening. I hope he battles N at least before finding out that he's leader of Team Plasma.
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    Caption the screenshots!

    Say no to drugs kids.
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    Black and White Music Discussion

    Re: How do you like the music in the game? I love the music that plays when you encounter N, but his room remix of it kind of creeps me out.
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    Is there an evil organization/boss you actually support?

    I think Cyrus had good intentions of wanting peace in the world. I just don't support the methods he used to try to get it, same with Team Plasma. I don't support them stealing pokemon but I support them wanting pokemon to be free.
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    TR vs TR

    Why are they back to their old selves after the sudden change of making them serious?
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    Do you think we'll see N in the Unova League?

    N should interrupt the league or at least reveal his castle before the league.
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    Why was Dawn treated better as a co-star than May was?

    I don't know if I consider May a true co-srat or not. Even though she did get a lot of focus she was always second to Ash, while Dawn seemed to be an equal to Ash. But I guess after they saw how popular May and contests were they decided to give the next coordinator an even bigger role.
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    Why was Team Rocket changed so much in the dub?

    Sorry to bump this but I was listening to the commentary for Pokemon The First Movie and they talked about Team Rocket for a bit. One of the writers said that Team Rocket was changed because they would constantly make references to Japanese things that couldn't translate well into English or...