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Recent content by FullmetalSuicune

  1. F

    When did you stop watching the anime?

    I stopped watching it in August. I really only watched it because I waiting for Misty or Brock to make a cameo and because of Wishfulshipping but I'm not as interested in pokemon's shippings as I used to.
  2. F

    This user above died of.....

    ^ Died from Venusaur invasion.
  3. F

    So, uh..

    Welcome back~ :D Yui-nyan Angel Beats 4ever! That anime is so good! <3
  4. F

    The Zelda Shipping World!!!

    Zelink forever :)
  5. F

    Music What song is stuck in your head right now?

    Triple Baka by Hastune Miku, Teto Kasane, and Akita Neru
  6. F

    Random Videos

    I love this one :) http://youtu.be/T0-2lzA7_Cg
  7. F

    Why do Cilan's Pokemon always learn new moves off screen?

    It's Miyano logic How does Ling Yao eat all of that food without gaining weight? How does Tamaki create the corner of woe? Miyano logic! (If you're wondering Miyano Mamoru is Dento [Cilan]'s Japanese voice actor and Tamaki and Ling are played by him as well) Always relied on Miyano logic!
  8. F

    Comedy/Sense of humor

    I love Strange Anime gags, There such a huge 'WTF' sometimes...
  9. F

    What are/were your obsessions?

    Currently obsessions 1. Anime 2. Writing 3. Vocaloid 4. The Big Bang Theory
  10. F

    Do you have a catchphrase?

    "If I told you I would have to kill you"
  11. F

    Things that you hate that everyone else loves

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic... *Get's shot*
  12. F

    Things that you love that everyone else hates

    Clannad the Movie
  13. F

    Anime Anime you want remakes

    What about a extended Angel Beats? Like where it tells all of the SSS's stories and how they died. Because you never found out Kanade's story or how Yuri died.
  14. F

    What are Pokeballs made of?

    There made out of Poke Balls. Poke Ball + Poke Ball = Poke Ball :XD: To be honest I don't know what they are made of but people here have some great theories :) Maybe there made out of just anime logic. Anything. Can. Happen. In. Anime.
  15. F

    Would you name your kid after a Pokemon?

    No. I mean seriously who would name their kid after a pokemon? I mean naming your child from a video game character is showing that your not taking anything seriously with raising a child. I mean it depends.... If your naming your child after a anime character I wouldn't care but I a otaku and...