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    Yes, it talks.

    Why would you dance with such an evil personage?

    Ahyuk, ahyuk, etc.
    Am I safe to assume that it's because you have experience in this domain?
    Or try to imitate this guy.

    I can see this working as El Lillipup. And now I'll always imagine Lillipup as a Mexican.
    Cheeseland, the only place where Cheese-heads are found.
    I'm trade one to you, if I still had Wi-Fi.
    The Star Wars movies, I haven't watched yet.
    Worry not, Fwee. Pikachu didn't need an evolution to be able to defeat a Latios. You can do it too.

    Or to quote Lady Gaga: "D-D-D-D-Dance in the Dark".

    Gebeledojebus. Yuhak yuhak.
    Which is why it's better on the stylish side. Bonus point if you can make an ax crazy face.

    True, true.
    Does it live in Cheeseland as well?
    I'm more jelly than a Reuniclus, that says something.
    Coffee Crisp are easier to come by, and may very well be tastier. I'll go for the easy option.
    *gives Fwee an Everstone*
    Forever a Fwee thou shall stay, Fwee.

    Zenax hasn't heard of tapdance, but so long it isn't tap water, he doesn't mind.

    Yuhak, yuhak. The heck does it mean? xD
    When in doubt, use an axe. Less convenient, but much more stylish.

    If you specialize in something, aren't you supposed to be better than the majority of people in it?
    The zapping rainbow.
    "Bleh" represents my jealousy, and "yum yum" represents... well, yum yum.
    B, B, B! Stop evolving! D:<

    Not only a pony, but a fiery pony at that. Top percentage right there.

    Khayu, khayu!
    Those damned voices. They keep bossing you around yet never know what the heck is going on.

    Eye don't know, what did it say?

    Very good, special talent, it's the same difference. :p
    Kitty caaaaats.
    Bleh, yum yum.
    I can tell from experience.

    People make that mistake a lot, but I actually am a Ponyta.

    Kuyha kuyha?
    Where'd you get such a silly idea? :rolleyes:

    Your special talent is summing up stuff? That's original, to say the least.
    CHOCOLAAAAAAAATE Good thing that Kit-Kat are among the best chocolate bar out there. :3
    And downright insane is the most fun.

    Trust me. I'll be as silent as a Slowpoke's brain. *zips mouth*

    Of course it is, yep yep~
    Also offers the possibility for many more lulz. But there's no visual contact or anything of the kind.

    I'd say that sums it up pretty well.
    It's been two years since I went trick-or-treating. >:| Something about being too old for this and whatnot. As if.
    Oh, awesome. :D What kind? The mini chocolate bars are the best, in my opinion.
    Or, in some cases like Salvador Dalí, mildly insane.

    Ow, me and my big mouth. Er, please don't use this attack on me, O grand Fwee?

    I have this strange habit of doubling a couple of words when the situation doesn't call for it. xD
    Can't argue with that. It sure helps that it's easier online than in real life, too.

    Are amazing. <3
    Did you go trick-or-treating?
    Then again, what would life be without some craziness?

    'Least you won't use Crunch. That would hurt much more.

    Except there, yep yep. I'm a social butterfly on here, go figure.
    We probably all are a little.

    I'm sure you can. :D

    Guess it depends on the person, for that one. I'm more of a loner.
    Well, that's not good. Life is there to be enjoyed.

    Maybe you'll also end up creating a multinational company?

    To kind of crack to which I'm addicted.
    Seems like a sad alternative. :/

    I knew about Satoshi Tajiri, but not about Bill Gates. It could make sense, though.

    Well, not sure about the former. But the latter has its own KnowYourMeme page.
    I can send you my list of emoticons, if you want, and you can save it in a usernote. It'll make it easier to find a fitting pun.

    Bill Gates probably doesn't care at this point.

    Yeah, Godchu. And AIM FOR DA HORN.
    Not much is needed to light back your :lx171:. It'll come with practice.

    So full of truth. And makes me wish that it was actually like that.

    More like "going around the rules to fulfill my purpose".
    YES, LOTS OF TAUROSCRAP. But it wouldn't have led to a funny meme otherwise.
    Worry not, it happens to everyone. xD

    This one.

    I saved every Pokémon emoticon from Kanto to Hoenn in a usernote, and look at it whenever the need for a Poképun arises.
    Like when Ash won against Brock.
    You should :lx105: that person around a bit for his or her punishment. :mad:

    If only DSes could print money, like in that .gif.

    Sad that it doesn't provide any :lx118:, though.
    There's that, and there's making Electric attacks super-effective against Ground-types when they're wet.
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