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Recent content by Gabo2oo

  1. Gabo2oo

    Review JN026: Jump! Koiking / Put it On! Yadoking

    Nice episode, not nearly the best in terms of comedy, but it does its job quite decently. All it needed was a bit more of "snappiness" to it, like maybe a couple of faceplants or a slightly faster pace at times. These could have been two 20-minute filler episodes with some typical plotline to...
  2. Gabo2oo

    Review JN026: Jump! Koiking / Put it On! Yadoking

    10 bucks that everyone giving their negative veredicts on this episode don't have any subs to read yet and sorta-kinda guess the dialogue at best
  3. Gabo2oo

    Preview JN026: Jump! Koiking / Put it On! Yadoking

    Why is this advertised as some sort of two-episode special? Is it going to be presented as two 10-minute episodes?
  4. Gabo2oo

    Worst Ash Design

    Sorry but I do dislike his Unova design. Not the artstyle, the design. Too much white (I also dislike his current shirt), the Poké Ball symbol on his hat isn't subtle enough, the shoes look dull and cartoony, plus I'm also mad because his hoodie does have a nice hat and zipper but they never got...
  5. Gabo2oo

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Both Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Dragon Quest XI are 30% off on the eShop this week, probably the lowest price they'll ever reach I'm so happy I waited this long for them to be on sale
  6. Gabo2oo

    Review JN024: Take a Break! Rocket-dan!

    But they've almost never gone the comedic route with real Giovanni, which is the character I'm talking about. The only times real Giovanni has been used for comedy is when he acts as a serious contrast for the TRio.
  7. Gabo2oo

    Preview JN025: A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!!

    Wow I'm already mad at the fact that we'll see Prism Tower knowing full well that Clemont is behind those glass windows
  8. Gabo2oo

    Review JN024: Take a Break! Rocket-dan!

    I liked this episode a lot, but I gotta admit Matori didn't felt like much of a threat. Her methods were literally the same as the TRio's usual antics, only with stronger Trainers guarding the cage. I know they weren't going for a very dramatic direction like most Elite Team Rocket episodes, but...
  9. Gabo2oo

    Music “The Journey Starts Today” (FULL Version)

    The three drum beats at the end make me wonder if maybe at some point they did try to have the word "Pokémon" chanted there.
  10. Gabo2oo

    Race, Racism, And Representation Within The Anime

    Which just goes to show how 4Kids handled their dubs compared to other dubbing companies around the globe. When they took over the market we had to deal with this bizarre situation where you'd watch Japanese shows with all of their culture edited out, while at the same time you'd see American...
  11. Gabo2oo

    Review JN023: A Massive Panic! Sakuragi Park!

    You're simply assuming Oak and Tracey don't struggle with anything because it's not shown to us. For all we know they might have problems to solve all the time, much like what happens in this episode.
  12. Gabo2oo

    Race, Racism, And Representation Within The Anime

    Most animated characters are stylized to a point where the only physical trait you can use to deduce their race is their skin color. I think the problem is that some people only look at a character's physical appearance to determine race, but that shouldn't be the case. I.e. it never dawned on...
  13. Gabo2oo

    Race, Racism, And Representation Within The Anime

    That's exactly the issue here. The fact that you have to wonder shows that it's not up to you to deem what's racist or not. If you think some people are being "oversensitive" try to figure out why they are like this in the first place. As an example, I remember when a Mexican-American...
  14. Gabo2oo

    Preview JN024: Take a Break! Rocket-dan!

    How come Matori keeps looking better every new series
  15. Gabo2oo

    Review JN023: A Massive Panic! Sakuragi Park!

    Regarding Pokémon-centric episodes, this is a huge step up from Pikachu's "Exciting" Adventure from the SM series.