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  • learned about the argentine lake duck today
    suddenly your new occupation doesn't seem as sarcastic
    But are you a crustacean fan? Or just a Krabby fan?
    i like crustaceans but i mean, i wouldn't say i'm really a fan
    Krabby's pretty cool
    Why should I fight you??? Are you a big crustacean fan or something?
    i was kidding
    don't actually fight me =P
    "I don't walk into happy hour at Applebee's and write up commentary about the strange mating rituals of straight couples."
    -Checks information-
    -Sees Tumblr-
    -Looks at occupation and notices it says "dick enthusiast"-

    Well then. xD
    "Dick enthusiast"
    Yes, it's been my primary occupation in life for many years now
    That's quite gay.

    Every day I level up my gayness by grinding
    Woah *-*

    Thanks a bunch by the way :D

    I'm trying rally hard to identify the constellation in background but I can't ;_;
    Could I have the source, pretty please? :D

    If it's not super hard to find again that is
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