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  • Oh dear. :< Now see, I voluntarily get my hair cut, since I like having short hair (but not too short). xD

    Well, I was turned down yet again in my search for a relationship. ._. Other than that, I've been doing fine.
    I highly suggest Generals, especially since it has a tutorial mission. :D Although, its gameplay is a lot different than the other members of the series.

    Okay, bye! ^^ Feel free to VM me whenever you like~
    I've never played Starcraft. ^^; Command & Conquer, on the other hand...I love it. :D Well, at least the Red Alert and Generals subgroups...mostly Generals. xD
    Oh. ^^ I like FPS, but I don't play them much anymore. RTS is good, too...these days, though, I've mainly been playing Pokémon and racing games.
    Oh. xD I prefer to watch gameplay videos on YouTube. :D What kinds of games do you like, though?

    I guess that's true, to an extent.
    Ah, I can understand that. ^^; I usually only watch LPs of games I've beaten, games I think I'll never beat, or games I don't think I'll ever own.

    Oh, it's fine. ^^
    Even the description there secretes weirdness. xD

    I honestly can't find much time for anime anymore, though. Usually I'm distracted with other things, like Let's Plays. ._.
    Wait, really? :D Cool. Glad I finally found someone else who likes TTGL. ^^

    What's FLCL?
    I'll be avoiding it, then. ^^;

    Hmm...Gundam 00 and Rozen Maiden were great. :D Chobits and Gurren Lagann were good, too.
    I see. ^^ I like anime and video games, but reading...not so much. xD

    Oh, Mirai Nikki? I've heard of that. A couple of my friends like it...but from what I've seen, it's a bit too bloody for me. D:
    Yeah, I think I've had that happen once or twice. Heck, that happened with one of my friends talking to another earlier today. xD As for me, I like being able to use Trope names to describe things; it makes things a lot more simple.

    So what else do you like? :3
    Ooh, she's cool. :D

    Ahaha, don't worry. TV Tropes browsing is just something I do when I'm bored sometimes, although I might reference tropes now and then. xD
    Welcome to the forums! Awesome avatar and profile picture you have there. Ingo and Emmet <3
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