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  • No worries, I hope she'll be great! :'D Even though she has an Adamant nature, I've seen attacking Altarias work great on a DD+D-Claw set.
    No, it's no worries. 8D Maybe this Friday or Saturday, we can trade again.

    Perfect, I'm on my way in! Make sure you added my new FC. Here I come!
    It's okay, it took me long enough to be able to trade today. 8D; Too many random things happen in my life for me to make a schedule, and tomorrow is booked full as it is.
    No, it's okay, don't worry if it's too inconvenient. 8D; I'm *almost* there. Your shiny Swablu hatched, and now I need to send her to White version! Another 15ish mins!
    Really quick, I was wondering, do you have a male Burmy or a Mothim? I really need a nicknamed one, and the GTS isn't being helpful. D: I can offer an extra Pokemon with the Swablu, like any event or legendary.
    Okay, here's my new FC:

    Name: White
    Code: 4041-3739-0117

    I'm also rehatching the Swablu real quick, because I realized you wanted a girl Swablu, and the one I hatched was a boy. :| I have very good luck with the Masuda Method, so your girl shiny Swablu should be ready within the next hour, but earlier if I can!
    Hello, sorry! Don't worry I'm here now lol! 8D; In about 30 mins I can trade, so don't go anywhere! I'll have a new FC, since my school's wi-fi doesn't like my DSi, I have to use the 3DS. I'll post it in just a sec!
    Yep. Just have to wait 3 days :) I don't think I'll be putting up another set until wednesday, and if not then, a new set will be up around sunday.
    It's exactly now! I'm not sure I added your fc because it wasn't in your signature. I'll add it and be back in the room in a minute or so.
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