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  • Yeah, I have your email. I'll send you one soon, I've just been a little bit busy/distracted last few days! Good to hear you're working though!

    Where you gone man. You haven't been on Skype in forever either. :/
    It's definitely a really great story, especially as it kind of blurs the line between the good guys and bad guys, which, IMO, gave it a lot of potential. I'd definitely read it regardless of whether it was restarted or continued, but I think writing it as a reboot would probably be best given the timeframe since it was last posted.
    Just wondering, what's the name of your novel?
    Hey Gama, I know this is kinda random, but I'm curious, are you planning to continue Brotherhood at any point? I was reading it for fun this morning, so..yeah. Just wondering.
    I finished The Hobbit!!! :D Actually, that was some days ago. You sure took a while to respond, huh? :p I'm reading The Fellowship of the Ring now, I'm in like the 70s page number wise. I hope I can get through the series, and enjoy it without having to force myself too much to read it.

    I always thought that Tolkien's description of the world and environment was kinda hard to understand. There were times in The Hobbit where I would have so much trouble picturing what he would've written to describe the world, and have no idea what he was saying. That was only on certain parts, others weren't too bad. But that could just be me, but I find the way he describes stuff to be really hard to picture. And picturing the environments he creates is such an important thing with Middle-earth or any fantasy story really, since they have their own worlds!

    So far in The Lord of the Rings, I've ran into that only once, near where I am page number wise. It kinda sucks, but yeah, has it happened to you?

    And are you getting a job or not, you bastard? xD
    No way! LOTR is a trilogy, so there's 3 books, and I just checked each book, and they all have around 400-450 pages.

    Well, Lord of the Rings did strike me, which is why I started reading it and wanted to become a fan in the first place. I'm at the part right now in The Hobbit where they're at that town before The Lonely Mountain, after escaping from the Wood-elves' king in Mirkwood. The book's really good so far, I love it :D.

    So you're officially done with college and stuff now, right? Congrats! now you get to get a real job, lol. Also, how's your girlfriend?
    Yeah, in fact, that's a big reason with why I left: the people here are great but i just lost interest in Pokemon. I'm excited for X and Y though :D.

    Oh wow really? I thought that Lord of the Rings was actually better than the Hobbit :p. Guess I was wrong. Idk why I never got into Harry Potter, probably the size of the books and how it's like that whole "everyone likes it, must like something else" type of thing.

    Why do I wanna be a fanboy? Because everybody has like Star Wars or Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or something to be complete fanatics about, and they can talk about it and have those discussions and make those references (The Prequels suck, I'm a part of Ravenclaw, etc.) and I'll have no idea what they'll be saying and I don't have anything :(.

    Oh Gama. You've known me this long and you still haven't picked up on my short attention span. I get bored quickly of stuff, and I got bored of Red, so I changed it to Pride, a reference to one of my most favorite anime series.
    Wait those were Eminem lyrics? I so confuse, I thought it was from Brotherhood, referencing those stereotypical annoying fangirls, Becky and what's-her-face.

    Alright, makes sense. So is there a reason you've slowly started to become less and less active?

    Also, I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, and got a boxed set of The Hobbit and the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I saw the first Hobbit movie and got interested, so I'm going to read all the books and stuff. I'm reading through The Hobbit right now, it's pretty cool, but it does get kinda hard to read sometimes and even a little boring at some parts. I've also never read Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, and after reading all four of these books I can become a fanboy of something :D. It is really good though, and The Hobbit series just kinda invited my interest and got me into it.

    Have you read any of the books? I imagine you have :p.
    xD. Sad to think you didn't miss me genuinely enough to use caps lock. You bitch. (lol jk pleez dont infract meh :]]]]]]]]]]])

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Also, congrats on the promotion :D.

    HOLY SHIT ONLY 10,000-20,000 MORE???? I can't wait until it comes out. I haven't written anything in ages. What do you think I should do?

    And, if you don't come on Bulbagarden a lot, what would be a better method of contact? So I can spam you endlessly huehue
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