• Magnificent Entertainer pokes around in the Great Marsh and battles his rival again. Will Zexy finally overcome ME's team? Watch here to find out.
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  • Hey, Bulbs, I don't know if you'll actually come back here to read it, but I couldn't figure out how to post on your page (I'm fairly new to Bulbaforums). Yeah, I just thought it was a bit too silly. The Bulbasaur bit was kinda funny, but the Magikarp Rain bit was just stupid. I never even thought the original version of that song was funny, so yeah. Also the Missingno bit was just stupid.

    So hey, seriously, why do you care?
    Hey. I wasn't talking about ur post.. thanks a lot for ur comment, i absolutely have no problem with criticism.
    I was talking about one of the other stories written. I think when u read it u'll understand what i'm talking about
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