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  • I was expecting some caps lock and more surprise, guess I set my expectations too high xD.

    Yeah, everything's been good here. I've gotten pretty calm and relaxed, I still get angry at things, but I'm not so emotional. I was probably pretty annoying when I was in that phase :p. All of the..er, bullying stopped around February-March ish, figured out who I actually like (most of my friends, real friends, are coming to Ghost with me :D), and I start high school in the fall. I barely get hit anymore, am on the way to playing Team Fortress 2 competitively, and am getting a sweet laptop with amazing specs sometime around July 12th (my computer was upgraded to Windows 8, which glitched out and screwed up my system, rendering it unusable, talking to you over a different computer now).

    And how've you been? Are you still writing? Is your novel published? What happened to Brotherhood? Also, how's your girlfriend?
    Shit motherfucker. Been a while hasn't it? ^^;

    Every now and then I remember our conversations and feel guilty that I just left like that. Besides you, I made some good friends here, but just left. Idk why, I guess that spark for Pokémon just kinda died in me. But I logged in today, out of sheer boredom, and the first thing I'm doing is VMing you. So so sorry for the absense, and needless to say, I've missed our chats and you yourself. I'll fill you in on all the stuff that's happened to be over the past couple months (don't worry, nothing too bad or dramatic, heh). Well I don't know if I'll come back and stay super active, but yeah. I'm here, for now.

    I bet you didn't even notice/care that I left did ya? ;P
    Thanks so much for explaining that rule more. I already had my story as Mature before I asked this question. I don't believe I broke the rule then which is a relief. Feel free to look into my story anyways if you are concerned about it. Sorry if I worried you. Thanks. :)
    1. Mislabelled Fiction (Inappropriate Content, 5 points)

    I read these rules the first time I joined and I think I might have broken this one with meaning to.
    My story in writers workshop call Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Life as an Adventurer, as sexual contact in it but I labeled my story mature.
    However, I am not sure of the last part of this rule because it said something about written sexual contact.
    Could you go to chapter five and tell me if I have broken this rule?
    If I did please tell me and I do apologize for it.
    I will delete the entire story if I have broken this rule.
    It's pretty late, but congrats on the promotion, Gammy.

    Whatcha been up to?
    yeah I know, it's just my first time doing it that's all. Thanks, good luck to you as well. Canada like it says in my location.
    aw i see. well good luck on it

    not bad, im going to start looking for a job and have been volunteering for some people, i'm kinda nervous about asking them to be my reference though. idk why
    For reasons best summed up as 'depression', I did completely drop off the face of the internet for a time around this time last year, something which I rather regret. Like many things, I'm redoing Different Eyes, and may eventually return to this forum. While contemplating that, I remembered with shame that I left you, and others, waiting for reviews. I feel I should assure you that I still have the notepad with the names of everyone I owe feedback, and have not reneged my promises - just delayed to an absurd date. Many apologies - I look forward to that time.
    Thanks for getting back to me!! I had checked (though the blog has been closed now) but I didn't see an option for deleting posts, so I wasn't able to. Maybe I just didn't look around enough?
    Hello! I needed some help but I couldn't find any FAQ quick enough before I had to dash to work! In one of my blogs my computer like wacked out and accidentally triple posted- I know that's against the rules, but didn't see a delete button near any of the posts. Is there a way to fix this so I can avoid an infraction, or can a mod or admin like you delete the excess comments? Thanks!
    Hey Gama, in the site leaders Iteru has his own seemingly nonsical category called "rank-0 Iteru". I thought maybe it's a forgotten leftover from april fools or something so decided to tell you about it.

    Of course if it isn't I guess I can always notify you that this april fools board is still open for everyone to post in and also listed in the site leaders thing, which I'm pretty sure isn't the intention ^^"
    Sure thing. I just thought that since it's noticeable by anyone, it's OK to inform you like this.
    I am not sure if you are allowed to do this, but I would like to point out that Pokemon World is currently invisible if someone who didn't sign in the forums view the page. Moreover, non-users cannot even visit the forum! It's similar to how non-users cannot view user profiles unless signed in.

    Do you think you are able to fix that?

    Thanks for reading.
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